Sunday, January 9, 2011

Information Technology KNEC Examination

IT students in Africa especially from Kenya believe that passing Information Technology 'KNEC' (Kenya National Examination Council) Exams is like getting a bank loan worth one million shillings without security. However should this be the case? From my own experience, an IT course examined by 'KNEC' is split into three modules; Module three being the final stage. Training in Africa is supposed to produce professionals in information technology for Africa not to burden trainees with too much knowledge only to end up failing the course.

 'KNEC' examination in Information Technology usually is done after every module therefore to get the final certificate; a student has to pass all the three modules the second module being the hardest with complicated combination of subjects. Learning IT should be interesting just like other IT countries around the world.
Module two comes with the combination of all programming subjects, which are programming one and programming two. Having JavaScript, 'html', visual basic, Pascal, 'FoxPro', c++ and c. I have seen most students complain about the marking for this module; even passing it without a re sit is very unlikely but thats not it consider the languages being taught, very outdated in modern computing.
The Kenya national examinations have been perceived to have an upper hand when it comes to job interviews however, Looking forward to Interview Results with Kenya national examinations certificates or any other bodies is very stressful. Many job seekers tent to believe that attending for an interview is the most difficult stage in looking for a job. However, I beg to differ. Has anyone gone through the trouble of waiting for the interview results to know whether you got the job or not? This is the very difficult period that you have or will go through. The duration from which the interview results are released to the interviewees differ from organization to organization.
I recently attended a job interview for my dream job, and I am not sure how many positions were available. All I know is that, I was one of the best suitable individuals for the job having in mind the overall score performance, but did I get the job? The person who interviewed us was obviously not the overall boss, she told us to wait for their call in two weeks time, believe it or not, now its five weeks since the interview and yet no communication.
Put yourself in that position, a dream job with one of the best profitable company in the region. Stress is killing me slowly, and what should I do? My friends suggests not contacting the human resource since the company usually issues regrets in cases of unsuccessful job applications and interviews. They also add that it could pose a bad precedence on my character.
Interview results should not however stress job seekers. I have learned to move a head looking for opportunities in other places while waiting the interview results of your desired career. The duration taken to communicate interview results ranges from organization to organization and also the type of the job. It is common to wait this long in government institutions due to the stages it passes through. My advice is, just continue pursuing your career search while you wait for the interview results, who knows, you could get a better deal elsewhere.
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