Wednesday, January 5, 2011

IT in Africa

IT in the African continent is growing at tremendous speed than anticipated. New inventions in the information communications sector continues to bring new challenges across Africa and the entire world. Who could have imagined tat one day, governments across the world would embrace Information Technology (IT) in delivering services to its citizens?

IT in Africa as evolved since time in memorial to levels comparative to most developed nations in the world. African institutions nowadays engages in offering courses that directly promote application of information communication technology hence advancing the level of IT in Africa.
These courses include;
Computer Science
Information Technology
Information Communication Technology
Computer Studies
Computer Engineering
Software Engineering
Software Development and Web designs
Graphics Design
It is very unlikely that an institution will not be offering any of the above mentioned courses and this is just how serious IT in Africa is perceived. Various sectors in the African economies continue to experience massive growth in the information Technology sector. One such country is Kenya; the Kenyan government has adopted an e-government strategy/policy in which Kenyans will have services offered through online rather than paying a visit to various government departments.
Some analysts also argue that with the rampant corruption in most of the African economies, adoption of relevant information technology solutions in service delivery will minimize instances of corruption by eliminating requirements to personally visit the departments and interact directly with staff who may solicit a bribe in return for their attention.
On the other hand, IT in Africa has not only grown in the government sector but also the private sector especially in the telecommunications sector. African countries like Kenya now embrace mobile phone money transfer including other innovations that allow payment of utility bills using their mobile phones. These innovations are however not limited to utility bills only but also in buying goods from various retailers. In addition, the banking sector as also incorporated these innovations to allow their customers to transfer, withdraw and manage their bank accounts using the mobile phones.
Te fact that Kenya was the first country to spear head adoption of mobile money transfer in the entire world, means tat Africa is at par and may be beyond other countries in the information technology sector. Today, most countries are shifting from analog TV broadcasting to digital, in future probably all signals from TV stations will be broadcasted in a digital platform.
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