Sunday, January 9, 2011

Safaricom Introduces Samsung Wave

'Safaricom' Kenya has introduced the new 'Samsung' wave phone with intentions of boosting their sales. The 'Samsung' wave phone has many features that least of them currently are available at the African phone markets. This development is seen as a major boost particularly to various sectors of Information Technology in Africa.

Information Technology in Africa is growing at unbelievable pace to catch up with other Information Technology countries. Some of the unforgettable features that come with the 'Samsung' wave include a world variety of mobile applications. Just like other Information Technology giant countries, African firms are beginning to incorporate various technologies to create a dynamic IT for Africa.
The 'Samsung' wave has a 3.3’’ 'ultra brilliant super amoled' display that enhances the screen to come alive. The TOUCH Wiz 3.0 user interface is incorporated to complete the experience with an intuitive and hugely customizable menu.
Applications brought by 'Samsung' wave to African Information Technology include; 'Samsung’s Bada' platform that allows users to simply download an abundance of applications from an integrated application store. 'Safaricom' boosts of various innovations in major IT sectors in East Africa.
On the other hand, with the recent reduction of interconnection charges by the communications commission of Kenya “CCK”, the main IT players in Kenya have moved to reduce voice charges to merely Ksh. 3.00 per minute to any network. This was seen as a threat to the giant telephone operator in Kenya 'Safaricom' that could lead to reduction of its dominance in the IT market in Kenya. 'Zain' is one of the biggest mobile phone service providers in Africa and more customers particularly in Kenya will be a major boost in its expansions.

With increased competition on IT in Africa, African consumers are expected to enjoy more affordable voice calls and text messages. Apart from reduced calling rates, 'Zain' Kenya shocked many by setting a standard text message charge of 'Ksh. 1.00' across all networks within Kenya. There is no doubt that technology in Africa is thriving.
This move was not received well by 'Safaricom' which did not increase the capacity for voice call from most of other networks to its network. It led to frustration from callers on other networks making calls to subscribers on its network. Looking at the long term implications, 'Safaricom’s' dominance could be slowly fading away giving room for a more competitive platform for subscribers.
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