Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tattoos In Africa

For many of the past years, tattoos in Africa were regarded to be mainly for those individuals seen as rebels of the normal respectful social character in the society. Tattoos are needed for different specific reasons depending on the individual. Some are needed to mark anniversaries, while some are just for adventures not forgetting those induced from peer pressure. However in Africa, the coming of tattoos received different perceptions. Technology in Africa has brought all sought of civilization previously common only in western countries.

When we talk about tattoos, it should be noted that in some societies, tattoos in Africa have been associated with deviance or some form of dark art. The impression of permanent ink on ones skin has of the past years gained acceptance despite the stereotypes that plagued the art. We nowadays tent to believe that tattoos once demonized, have gained acceptance to many who understand its significance.
Tattooing involves the insertion of colored materials beneath the skin, this method of body art is permanent and is regarded as a form of expression. Since tattoos are permanent, for those with intentions of wearing one are advised to carefully consider before going for the procedure. Many people have these procedures before understanding that they are actually permanent. To avoid regrets, people who want to have a tattoo procedure should be counseled explaining the implications of getting a permanent mark on your skin.
There is however a very costly laser surgery that can be used to remove or modify an existing tattoo, but availability of this operation to remove tattoos in Africa is still questionable. Factors to be considered before having a tattoo include family and career. Some careers do not require to have a tattoo. Tattoo designs depend on gender, for instance while women will go for common designs like scorpions, butterflies and flowers, some men choose patterns that can raise eyebrows since it is subject to personal beliefs and interpretation.
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