Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Trick in Buying Used Laptops

The cheapest way to own a laptop is buying a used one. For most IT students in Africa, this has been the best way to easily own a laptop considering their market price value. It will cost you a fortune to buy a new laptop with limited features. More laptop brands from different manufacturers are available for purchase in the second hand and market.Information Technology in Africa or any other Information Technology Countries is driven by the use of computers hence their importance. IT students in Kenya for example will have to part away with Ksh. 50,000 or USD 400 to own a brand new laptop wile used ones could go as low as Ksh. 10,000 or USD 90.

The world over, people dream of owning a brand new laptop for their personal use, but the market value is often a hindrance to this dream hence the need for used laptops at cheaper prices. You can get the best deal ever in second hand laptops, but let’s not forget that you may be a victim of the worst in the second hand world.
People sale their used laptops for different reasons like acquisition of a new one or malfunctioning experienced while using the laptop. If you are a laptop technician who wants to buy parts for laptop repair, buying those that have malfunctions is not such a big deal but for personal use, used laptops with malfunctions will be like transferring problems from one person to another at a cost.
IT specialists will be able to immediately identify any malfunctions in the laptop, hence the need for a professional examination before acquisition.. In Africa, second hand market is the biggest market ever providing IT solutions and electronic devices in IT for Africa. There are several sites from which one can acquire a used laptop. These sites have options for a refurbished laptop or a new one.
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