Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bharti Airtel Kenya Feelanga Free Offer

The introduction of Airtel Kenya Feelanga Free offer has generated mixed reactions from the telecommunications sector in Kenya. After the communications commission of Kenya reduced the interconnectivity charges, the mobile phone subscribers in Kenya have enjoyed reduced calling rates but it was never anticipated that competition in the sector would be so immense that calling rates will be reduced to as low as 1 Kenyan shilling per minute like the Airtel Kenya Feelanga Free offer. Airtel Kenya Feelanga Free offer is however not clearly understood even by the industry regulator CCK. Details are now emerging that Bharti Airtel Kenya failed to make full disclosure about the offer which allows subscribers to spend Sh1 per minute on on-net voice calls. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bharti Airtel Kenya to Introduce 3G Services

Bharti Airtel Ltd a Kenyan mobile- phone service provider unit announced that it will begin to roll out 3G services in the first quarter of 2011 as part of a push to attract more subscribers to their network. Currently, Bharti Airtel Kenya is not making anticipated profits as it should, however the situation is set to change with the introduction of 3G services on the Bharti Airtel Kenya network. 

Safaricom and (CFSK) Launches a Mobile Recycling Scheme

Competition by the mobile phone service providers continue to bring forth more innovations in the sector. Safaricom in partnership with computers for schools Kenya (CFSK), has launched the countries first mobile phone recycling scheme. Safaricom has been regarded as a leading integrated communications firm in Kenya. The Safaricom and Computers for Schools Kenya mobile phone recycling scheme, which was launched by the two firms, will be administered in partnership with both Safaricom and Computers for Schools Kenya (CFSK) that already runs a similar program for old computers. 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Advancement of Technology

In the developing world, the advancement of technology provides the best ever platform on which to meet the demands of growing business needs that enhance investment opportunities. Previously, a number of internet service providers had been licensed in Kenya but due to the advancement of technology, less ISPs are operational and more are logging out of once a lucrative business. Most of the affected ISPs are those that are unable to create value addition on their products. Some of the developing nations have forced unviable business models on ISPs and with the absence of an extensive and elaborate telecoms infrastructure with the known erstwhile state company monopoly, ISPs are essentially established as corporate customer gateways to the internet.

Aluminum CD Cases

Maintaining the life of your favorable CDs is very hectic considering their vulnerability. For this reason, there has been an attempt to come up with innovations that will see the life and quality of your CDs maintained for a longer period. Aluminum CD cases have been developed to solve this issue. Today, Aluminum CD cases are the most preferred among the available options at the market, these is because, Aluminum CD cases are providing ease and comfort to a lot of people across the world, it is obvious that any place where computers are used, CDs are always present not forgetting the fact that CDs are the most preferred media for entertainment content such as music, games and movie.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Information Technology Development

Different sectors of Information Technology have experienced tremendous growth over the past few years. From banks, money transfers and mail services, Information Technology Development has transformed these services to whole new levels. Actually quite few sectors of today’s economies have been spared by the impact of Information Technology Development. Technology products like mobile phones were a preserve of the few mighty in the early 2000, but today; mobile phones are used by almost everyone.

Safaricom M-PESA Prepay Safari Visa Card

Innovations from mobile service providers continue to explore the unimagined sectors especially in the money transfer sector. The latest product from safaricom allows loading of funds from your M-PESA onto a Visa Card that can be used to carry out transactions from millions of vendors of ATMs and shops countrywide and worldwide. With the M-PESA Prepay Safari Visa Card, users can use it just like other VISA cards to carry out both local and international PrePay VISA transactions and needs. It the Safricom Mpesa PrePay VISA card however needs to be pre-loaded with funds, in Kenya Shillings, that can be used to withdraw cash in any currency from over 1.6 million Visa ATMs worldwide as well as to make purchases at over 28 million VISA branded shops and other merchant outlets worldwide. 


The HTC Shift Evo 4G is regard as the best of slider smart phones available at the market for mobile lovers it was unveiled at CES 2011 and described as a sensible, business-minded companion smart phone for most of the professionals out there. There is much anticipation in the year 2011 for this exhilarating phone. Just incase you are ready to invest in a top-of-the-line Android phone The HTC Evo Shift 4G is the smartest choice that you will ever come across. It was recently announced at CES 2011 with an obligation        to be a very professional minded phone offering a lot of high-end features at a very affordable price. The HTC shift Evo device will also be feature the Sprint's 4G network, will also have a fast processor, and will also make use of HTC Sense.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Macromedia Dreamweaver

With no doubt, Macromedia has revolutionized and simplified creation of simple website scripts. Many argue that macromedia is solely intended for first timers but the truth is that it has had an impact in the scripting field. The terms "behavior" and "server behavior" believed to be owned by Dreamweaver, have created a revolution and Both elements provide a method of adding interactivity to a web page by generating a variety of scripts that would often be time-consuming and difficult to create manually. This aspect could         be compared to the essence of making work easier.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kenyan fashion

There are many terms that are used to describe fashion especially in Kenya. If fashion could be compared to a game, then numerous rules could have emerged to guide ladies for the next season style. Ranging from different body sizes, the bigger girls could even do belts proved by most beautiful plus sized women. From this aspect, there is no doubt that exists natural waistline for every lady and for this simple reason, there exists numerous and vast sizes of belt sizes to mach every ladies unique and natural waistline. Fashion in Kenya is no much different from the rest of the world just get any fashion magazine and you will be shocked to get much resemblance to the rest of the world. Technology in Africa has also helped in growth of fashion in African countries like Kenya