Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kenyan fashion

There are many terms that are used to describe fashion especially in Kenya. If fashion could be compared to a game, then numerous rules could have emerged to guide ladies for the next season style. Ranging from different body sizes, the bigger girls could even do belts proved by most beautiful plus sized women. From this aspect, there is no doubt that exists natural waistline for every lady and for this simple reason, there exists numerous and vast sizes of belt sizes to mach every ladies unique and natural waistline. Fashion in Kenya is no much different from the rest of the world just get any fashion magazine and you will be shocked to get much resemblance to the rest of the world. Technology in Africa has also helped in growth of fashion in African countries like Kenya
Talking a bout sportswear, it is actually not meant for the gym considering anew range of athletics shoes that has doubled u the high street fashion. These new range of sports wear shoes go great wit any pair of jeans of which most Kenyans consider great for a night out. With the latest       clothing in colors and sports gear, several changes have been made on the type of fabrics that they are made of. Polyester is no longer used or velour suits but soft fabrics that are able to absorb sweat or perspiration.
When it comes to the body beauty, there is much fantasy and ways elaborated by different media on how to keep someone beautiful, like you may stuck your arm all the way to the elbow but be warned you could easily get ten donitis of elbow and really weary wrist. Another advice would be to make your hair smaller, accessories understated and try hard to resist the impulsive to be a walking tacky jewelers shop, just because most of them seem bright and shiny does not mean you should put them all at the same time.
The most feared aspect in natural beauty life is wrinkles, with assumptions that black don’t crack, well it does and is sensitive to the sun as well. We may all be pressed hard in remembering our great grand parents or parents suffering from skin cancer even though they stayed out of the heat. Fashion moves from all angles of the world and adopted from televisions shows or movie releases, however we should examined carefully on the best Kenyan fashion practices if we still want to live long with healthy and beautiful life.
Every one wants to look beautiful but be most cautious on the practices you adopt to           enhance your natural look. Technology in Africa could be good as it comes with advantages but be advised that fatal disadvantages also exists especially when dealing with beauty. We may all have heard of people dying when undergoing beauty surgical procedure, well no one is an exception. Fashion in Kenya has been boosted from the improvement and adoption of technology in Africa through the media and healthy facilities.
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