Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Airtel Kenya Direct Debit Payment via Bank Account or Credit Card

Airtel Kenya direct debit payment service allows subscribers to pay their monthly bills using a bank account transfer, Visa credit card or a Master credit card. By using this service, you are actually instructing Airtel to get their monthly bill payments from your bank account or credit card. However, Airtel must receive your authorization through a signed direct debit agreement signed by yourself and your bank.

 In order to enjoy this service, you only require signing a direct debit agreement from any Airtel shop country wide. Alternatively, you can contact Airtel’s customer care to get more information on post paid services.

Dial 111 or 111 (+254 (0) 733100111).

·        After contacting Airtel, a direct debit agreement will then be prepared for your approval and the bank’s approval.
·        After the agreement has been approved and sent back to Airtel, you will be informed by Airtel that you have been entered into the Direct Debit System and the dates when your debit will take place.
·        Registration for direct debit payment service from Airtel is free
·        After you have been entered into the system, Airtel will send you a monthly e-bill for all your expenses.  You can dispute the bill details within 15 days which Airtel will send a direct debit instruction to your bank to withdraw the amount from your account or credit card and debit Airtel’s account.
·        Your bank will then send a confirmation to Airtel and billing records updated.
·        Previous bill payment details will be included to your monthly bill information.

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