Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bharti Airtel Zap/Airtel Money, Mobile Banking Service

Airtel money previously known as Zap plans to expand its mobile banking service in East Africa to over 100 million people. The second largest mobile service provider in Kenya declared that it was committed to providing the most comprehensive mobile banking features available. Airtel money previously known as Zap will expand from its initial country Kenya to other countries in the region. Mpesa’s success has prompted other mobile service providers in the country to venture into mobile banking sector. Other available services include; Mpesa, yuCash and Orange money.

Available Airtel money services include;
    1. Payment of utility bills and payment for goods and services
    2. You can both receive and send money to friends and family
    3. Send and receive money to your bank accounts
    4. Withdraw cash through agents
    5. Top up your airtime or top up for someone else
    6. Send airtime to Airtel customers in East Africa
    7. Manage your bank accounts

Airtel money promises a more secure and flexible platform for mobile phone money transfer services reducing the need to carry cash and enhancing secure transfer of cash between family members and friends. Just like other mobile banking service providers, you will be required to enter a password for a transaction to proceed.

Airtel subscribers can register for Airtel money services free of charge by completing a registration form and handing it over to Airtel money agents. Airtel money service will be available to customers for 24 hours a day, seven days a week through their handset giving them the most convenient way of accessing cash anytime, anywhere. Airtel promises to be a major player in enhancing technology in Africa. 

One of the major advantages of Airtel money is the ability to send cash to mobile phone users outside the Airtel’s network. With Mpesa, you can only send cash to other Safaricom subscribers and not outside the network. In addition, if you send cash via Airtel money, and it’s not delivered, the amount will automatically be refunded back to your account thereby reducing loss of cash as experienced with Mpesa.  

As of now, Airtel money customers can pay for their electricity bill and other utility bills using their mobile phones. The service is available on all handsets regardless of their costs as it is a feature on Sim cards and not on the phone.

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