Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cellular Phones

Technology in cellular phones sector continues to be the most preferred source of mobile communication. Since the days when landlines were the major means of telecommunications, cellular phones have enhanced the sector by increasing the number of subscribers and increasing the services being offered by service providers. Cellular phones are cheap and with mass productions from manufacturers like Nokia, almost everyone today owns a cellular phone. There are various categories to choose from a preferred cellular phone; however the major classification is based on the supported features that the cellular phone comes with. 
The basic features in a cellular phone include ability to make voice calls and text messages, but with increased innovation in the cellular phones sector, additional features have been integrated in most of the cellular phones to enhance the use and value of a cellular phone. Some may argue that additional features are due to competition in the cellular phones sector; true, but we must appreciate the difference between a data enabled cellular phone and a basic cellular phone primarily to receive voice calls and send text messages.

A data enabled cellular phone will allow the user to send and receive e-mails using his phone. By all means with increasing technological advancements, e-mail communication is far much better than text messages from a cellular phone. An e-mail can contain a larger size of data compared to text messages not forgetting the fact that e-mails are globally in nature.

With that in mind, a cellular phone with more integrated features is most preferred but these features come at an extra cost. It is imperative to imagine that a cellular phone with a VGA camera will have the same price tag as compared to a cellular phone without any camera. A more enhanced camera like a mega pixel camera will attract a higher price tag than a cellular phone with just a VGA camera.

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