Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dual Sim Mobile Phones

In today’s world, there are several mobile phone service providers each with both pros and cons. Like the saying ‘no one is perfect’, so are mobile phone service providers. Dual Sim Mobile phones have revolutionized the mobile phone sector by giving subscribers opportunities to have two sim cards from different service providers active at the same time. Different services offered by mobile phone service providers include;
  • Voice calls
  • Data (internet connection)
  • Text Messaging
  • Other multimedia services like video calling etc 

It is very unlikely that a single mobile phone service provider will have all these services at the disposal of subscribers. For this fact, subscribers with Dual Sim Mobile phones will have an upper hand in getting the best out of their mobile phones; in addition, subscribers with these phones would most probably get sim cards from providers for their specific services.

The quality of services offered by mobile phone service providers differs greatly, while a service provider may have quality voice call services, the quality of their data services may not be as good. A subscriber interested in these two services will therefore subscribe to two different networks using a Dual Sim Mobile phone to ensure that he enjoys top quality services on the same handset.

Dual sim mobile phones offer several features that are not found on a regular handset. They are usually unlocked to different networks; sim cards from different service providers can be used on the same handset without the need of unlocking. Instead of carrying two mobile phones, a Dual Sim Mobile phone will have two active sim cards at the same time.

On different occasions, you may require to have two active sim cards for specific reasons. One may be for personal use while the other sim card for professional use. A Dual Sim Mobile phone gives you the opportunity to have both of this sim cards on a single handset. It will also work well if you have to give your number out to businesses that have a potential to bombard you with junk calls, in this instance, a secondary sim card number will be appropriate.

Signal reception depends on the availability of network coverage from your service provider, however with Dual Sim Mobile phones; it is very unlikely that network coverage from both the two sim cards will be absent. Acquiring a Dual Sim Mobile phone, is the best cost effective method of having two active sim cards active at the same time, imagine how much it will cost you to have to separate handsets.
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