Monday, March 28, 2011

Get an LG Internet Compatible DVD Player

LG is a leading electronics giant globally with various products ranging from entertainment to health. The recent development in LG DVD player technology incorporates internet capability in the player allowing users to get content directly from online stores. The Korean electronics giant has released a DVD player which enables users get content such as movies directly from the internet.

 The new Blu-ray built in WiFi enabled BD570 DVD player has the ability to connect to the internet and give users the option of watching movies from You Tube. Normally, DVD players have capability of only playing DVD discs with no internet connection option, however the new DVD player bring a totally new function to the drives.

In addition to watching movies from online stores, the new LG internet capable DVD player allows users to download photos from Picasa web album and view them on a large high definition TV.  How cool is that, some HD TV’s will come with this functionality but for those without, the LG internet capable DVD player is the best option.

The LG internet capable DVD can connect through Wi-Fi to computers on a home network hence no more hardware needed to establish a connection. Families can therefore enjoy online content such as movies, music and photos using the new player.

To make it even better, the LG internet capable DVD player can connect to external devices such as hard drives or thumb drives and play high definition DivX and MKV movies using a built in USB port.
Other services enjoyed on the drive include ability to get global weather fore casts.

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