Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hewlett Packard unveils hpwebos Tablet (TouchPad) Computer

Hewlett Packard has unveiled hpwebos tablet computer, a move expected to neutralize Apples presence in the market. The new hpwebos touch pad tablet computer is anticipated to attract substantial sales returns from the booming market. Currently, the market segment is dominated by Apple’s I pad devices with their most recent product being I pad 5.

 Hewlett Packard recently acquired Palm in a $1.2 billion deal, a development that was aimed at intensifying its grip on the platform to have a solid base in the smart phone market. The new Touch pad will be the first tablet to run on webOS operating system developed by Palm.

Hpwebos tablet weighs a bout 0.7 kilograms with a 9.7 inch display screen similar to Ipad’s weight and screen size. It has a built in Qualcomm processor to enhance its performance and efficiency. webOS operating system was built on a sophisticated platform and no one had successfully replicated it according to the former CEO of Palm Rubinstein when it was acquired.
Just like Ipad, hpweos is built with a sleek thin design about 13.7mm. The Qualcomm processor and webOS operating system creates a significant user experience when it comes to multi-tasking and playing games on hpwebos touch pad tablet computer. In addition, the device supports adobe flash player enabling access to compatible files.

The touch pad has an integrated 1.3 mega pixel camera allowing for video call functionality and taking photos. Store your favorite content on the supported up to 32 GB storage space. Its performance is further boosted by 1GB of RAM ensuring faster loading of applications on the device.

Connect and share files, songs, photos and other applications with other devices using Bluetooth. Hpwebos touch pad tablet computer is availale in different versions; 3G and 4G.    

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