Wednesday, March 2, 2011

KCB Visa General Purpose Card for Paypal activation and Online Payments

The Kenya Commercial Bank’s general purpose card is a Visa branded card that can be used to make online payments. The General Purpose Visa Card was specifically designed for those individuals who dint want to use other KCB cards. The most beautiful aspect about this card is that it’s a debit card which means that you only use preloaded money.

Since the general purpose card is Visa branded, it can be used for internet purchases as well as shopping at any Visa branded merchant outlets world wide. You can also withdraw cash from any Visa branded ATM machines.

Previously, Paypal services were limited to Kenyans; however as of today, Paypal is now available in Kenya and the KCB Visa General Purpose Card can be used to activate your Paypal account. Just make sure that you have activated your KCB General Purpose online banking option, it will make verification of Paypal fast.

The KCB general purpose Visa card can be purchased from any nearest KCB branch where you will be required to fill an application form and deposit sufficient cash into the respective card account.  Once the card account has been topped up, the user can use it to make payments to visa branded merchants world wide as well as make online payments. You will be expected to have the following when applying for the KCB general purpose Visa card;
Certified copy of ID / Passport
Letter of recommendation from any KCB account holder
1 passport size photo
Certified copy of Certificate of Registration for business owners
Joining fee of Ksh.1000
Completed application form

Once you have an activated KCB general purpose Visa card, deposit about Kshs. 500 that Paypal will charge while verifying your Paypal account. Paypal does this to ensure that indeed you are the true owner of the card.

After depositing and activating your KCB general purpose card, you will need to log into your Paypal account and navigate to 'verify account', enter your card details where necessary. You will receive the transaction code by phone immediately. From that information sent to your mobile phone, you can answer the simple question 'how much were you charged' and if you get that right, you have a verified account. Congratulations

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This sounds great, only one question how does one activate the KCB General Purpose online banking option.

hi Raphael, you need to log into your cards account on kcb website and enable online usage.

Thanks for that, how can i get the digit code and how long will it take to be active.

can i receive payment using my paypal account using this KCB card?

How will you withdraw funds to your account yet paypal doesnt support this option for kenya

I have already verified the card and a few dys ago received a $29 payment. However, I cannot withdraw this amount from the ATM...frustrating

I have already verified the card and deposited 500 bob. But still the same error on Paypal comes up "This credit card has been denied by the bank that issued your credit card..." I'll give it a few days.

ordinary co-op bank atm cards work perfect with paypal.

the bank says that even though the money in you card is in form of dollars,it will be exchanged into kenya shillings as you withdraw from the ATM

I have found this helpfull, will do the necessary this week. Thanks


Are there any hidden charges with this card? For instance, what are the monthly charges?

You can withdraw Paypal to Mpesa, Yu Cash, Airtel Money at

Joining fee is 1500KShs as of last week Friday.

a big problem here!!! the telephone number they include on the card is rarely picked. Its hard to reach card center>>. . the number is 0203749091

A recommendation letter? What for? Security? Smh!

I did all that b@ wen I tried to withdraw I got stuck. How do I go about it since it shows withdrawal to US banks?

I have already connect my card to paypal I did not receive any message wha is the problem?

i may also provide you with better options alert me

you can try Payoneer. Its free.

Do you mean that Co op Visa cards can work?

This card seriously doesn't work with PayPal and I have money to withdraw any assistance

hey there someone abroad wants to pay me via payoneer
unfortunately i dont have that card . is there a way that you can help me?

Unforthcoming they can't help,just register for the payoneer card and you will get it within 3weeks at most,alternatively let them pay you via PayPal then withdraw via

can my bankika KCB visa card help me in transacting online

Really? Do I need to have a bank account with co-op bank?

This comment has been removed by the author.

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I don't think so, because I tried but it refused with my normal Bankika card

How does it work I have tried with my coop but it tells me to use another card

Try EquityBank and thank me later

Is this Kcb general purpose card available to Kcb banks in Uganda

Can I be able to use the card in donating funds?

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