Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lenovo Unveils the 'LePad' Touch Screen for ‘IdeaPad’ Laptop Computer

Lenovo is a Chinese electronics giant with presence in many countries world wide. The latest development from the electronics firm is the unveiling of Lenovo Lepad touch screen laptop computer ideal for both office work and gaming experience. The Lepad touch screen brings out the best of gaming experience and serves as a laptop computer screen if used on IdeaPad.

 To be specific, the LePad serves as a pluggable slate to the IdeaPad and functions as a laptop computer screen. On the other hand, the slate can be unplugged as used independently as a tablet computer. I must admit that this could be the best development ever to come from the portable computer innovations. The stage has been raised to a whole new ground for computer manufacturers to explore new innovations and impress the already thirsty consumers.

The new LePad touch screen tablet computer runs on the most desired Android operating system from Google; however, once it’s plugged into the UI keyboard, the computer automatically switches to windows 7 operating system from Microsoft. LePad has been unveiled by Lenovo targeting consumers who embrace today’s technology.

The Snapdragon chip from Qualcomm ensures that the device has the best performance; however, when plugged it switches to a beefier Intel processor that assures the best user experience with the device. It has a 10.1-inch color screen and weighs slightly less than 1kilogram.

·        Connect to the internet with a high speed 3G supported network using LePad.
·        A built in front camera guarantees video chat while online.
·        Better battery life performance

·        LePad and IdeaPad will retail at $1,340
·        LePad alone will cost $528

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