Thursday, March 10, 2011

Orange Kenya Internet Configuration Settings

To have Orange Kenya internet configuration settings on your handset, send a text message with ‘WAP’ to 1234. In a short while, you will receive a text message with internet configuration settings, SAVE and activate internet on your phone. From your phones menu, select web and go to (

By sending a text message with ‘WAP’ to 1234, you will receive both WAP and MMS configuration settings for your handset. WAP settings will enable your handset access web pages while MMS configuration settings will be necessary to share multimedia files like pictures, video and sound between your phone and other devices using internet connection.

Universal modems using Orange Kenya Sim cards to access internet will only need to be configured on the APN field only. Just ensure that you observe upper and lower case values carefully.
Orange Kenya Internet configuration settings
Input the following values with their corresponding fields;
User name: - (leave blank)
Password: - (leave blank)
Proxy IP: - (leave blank)
Port: - (leave blank)
You can as well call customer care for help by dialing 100 on your orange handset.
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why is it that orange 3G+ with 3.1mbs still count bundles even when you have not browsed or opened browser?

it because of running programs like anti virus which check en download updates automatically when Internet is directed...

the is freaking sloww...........................any help

why cant i stream videos on my fon though i can browse and download bt streaming it keeps tellin me dns failed or just failed.?

How come all balance on orange modems is eaten by system when topping up and then in process of buying bundles.

Because you havent suscribe to a specific bundle to be renewed automatic

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