Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Smart TV Targets Kenyan House Holds with Set Top Boxes for their Pay TV services

As a result of Kenya’s switch to digital broadcasting, competition in the local pay-TV market is set to heat up. Smart TV is owned by a Swedish firm called Next Generation Broadcasting (NGB), which has partnered with Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC), a state owned free to air TV channel in provision of set top boxes to aid in the analog to digital migration. The atmosphere is heating up even further with local TV stations going to court questioning Smart TV’s operations with KBC. There is no doubt; the filed court case is really eating up into Smart TV’s prior anticipated business success.

Smart TV which promises more affordable Pay TV subscriptions has many bumps a head than expected before. Determined to reduce Dstv’s domination in the pay TV market, Smart TV is crippled with a court case filed by media owners association questioning its content and what they allege as ‘unfair favor from KBC’. The set top boxes provided by Smart TV comes with one month subscription of their pay TV channels apart from local free to air TV channels.

Kenya is expected to migrate from analog to digital broadcasting by 2012, a target it set before the global deadline 2015. Smart TV will run on the digital platform rolled out by the Kenyan government after successfully testing frequencies. House holds with older crt TV sets will need to have a set top box in order to receive digital transmission on their television sets. The group CEO Dan Kagwe said that Smart TV had an obligation of making pay TV more affordable.

Another set back to Smart TV is the latest government directive to ban Digital Video Broadcasting Terrestrial (DVBT1) set top boxes that it sells, instead the government has advised on using DVB-T2 set top boxes of which the new technology will be based arguing that DVB-T1 technology to be obsolete.

Smart TV’s bouquet includes the following channels;
  1. Africa Sports Network (ASN) that broadcasts premier league as well as NBA games.
  2. Sentanta Sports that covers major European football leagues and exciting magazine programs
  3. Fox entertainment for the most popular shows
  4. Hi Nolly- west African entertainment
  5. MTV base airing music
  6. Star- Hollywood entertainment i.e movies, fashion and celebrities
  7. Kids Co- kids entertainment channel.
Smart TV set top boxes costs Kshs 5,000 plus Kshs 990 one month subscription bringing the aggregate cost to Ksh 5,990. All free to air local channels will be available on Smart TV set top boxes even without subscription a major con to their Dstv counterpart. Unlike Dstv with mostly international channels, Smart TV intends to invest heavily in promoting local programming

Dstv has reacted to Smart TV’s penetration to the local market by reviewing its pricing with installation costs dropping to Kshs 5,000 and offering different bundles starting from as low as Sh830. Next Generation Broadcasting currently has operations in Ghana and is set to venture into Uganda after getting an operating license.

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This is a good approach to enable consumers have affordable worthy subscriber who give service value to their money.

Thanks for joining the rest of E. Africa with Digital broadcasting.Hope you will bring in quality programs which will be affordable to all Kenyans.Consider then bringing in the once free to air channels such as Channel e (original) from south africa together with all SABC1, SABC2 SABC3 and SABC news and all Kenyan local channels to include Classic TV, Kiss, Capital and those others.We are ready to embrace the good news.Please do so and in a hurry

I want to purchase the DVBT2 where can I get it from??secondly the DVBT2 is it working on your smart tv??I lik the programmes you are airing.Kudos

@nicodemus, both DVB-T and DVB-T2 work on signet platform used by smart tv. You can visit smart tv offices @kaparo house upper hill for complete bouquet details

is smart tv signal strong all parts of kenya; Kanyumu from Kimana-Loitokitok Kenya.

Smart tv is currently available in Nairobi only, however arears near Nairobi like kiambu can recieve the signal. Smart tv broadcasts on kbc's owned signet platform, soon they will cover most parts in kenya.

does smart Tv air all the barclays premier league matches and does it cover ngong area?

Ofcourse it covers ngong area, premier league matches depends on the channels on smart tv bouquet. As far as I know most premier league and Bundasliga matches are covered.

With their current offer, I got excited and hurriedly bought the set top box. On realizing that there is a court case filed against them by Kenya Media Owners Association, could it be that that they are now out to make a kill whether they win or lose the case?.
Of what help will that box be to me if they lose the case?.
Please, advise cos am apprehensive when I remember what GTV did to me.

Hey SmartTv, What's happening?. The English Premier League is now on but you are not showing it live as promised while marketing your much publicised set top boxes.
Your competitors are showing it live when you are busy showing us repeats of the last season matches.
That does not make sense at all!!!!

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