Thursday, March 24, 2011

Video Call Services Using LG 4G Mobile Phone soon to be in Kenya

Technology and innovations in mobile phones has introduced new capabilities and solutions that transform our daily way of life; the latest is a sophisticated technology allowing mobile phone videoconferencing. Demand for mobile phones with advanced features has also drove manufacturers to incorporate more capabilities in mobile phones such as video call and 4G technology. Mobile service providers in Kenya are keen to introduce 4G technology in fact Safaricom has already shown clear interest to use 4G technology.

LG plans to introduce its first 4G mobile handset in the country later 2011 capable of making video calls using the LTE (VoLTE) technology. It is widely expected that mobile phone manufacturers will consider this technology in coming days to produce handsets with video conferencing capabilities. The main hindrance of utilizing 4G in the country was due to lack of services from mobile service providers; however, Safaricom as already announced plans to roll out 4G technology services.

4G technology is far much better than 2G and 3G technology in terms of Wi-Fi speeds. Subscribers will be able to enjoy and utilize this technology once the necessary infrastructure has been established by mobile service providers. In addition, 4G will support a HD voice quality via Adaptive Multi-Rate wideband technology and subscribers can maintain their existing phone numbers.

LG anticipates increasing sales drastically by incorporating this feature in their upcoming handsets with an estimate of 30 percent increase year-on-year with smart phones accounting for 20 percent of total sales.
LG intents to achieve their sales target with the launch of 20 Smart phone models around the globe this year. Apart from this technology, LG plans to improve its content and services by partnering with key content providers to provide a series of 3D games and movies available through LG Applications. 

Featured devices to be released include the LG Optimus 3D which is the first one of its kind to facilitate recording on a 3D platform. It will allow viewing and sharing 3D content. Another featured device is the LG Optimus Pad running on Android’s new, tablet-optimized Honeycomb Operating System with 8.9-inch screen and dual-core processor.
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Mobile phones are now brought up with advanced features and it made video calling possible in phones.Video Conferencing Technology has initiated in Business houses to Mobile Phones.

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