Wednesday, March 9, 2011

YU (Essar) Kenya Mobile Broadband Internet Data Bundle Prices

YU is one of Kenya’s cheapest mobile service providers in terms of tariff plans both on voice and data. Unlike other major players in the sector, Safaricom, Airtel and Orange Telkom, YU has not shown any interest in acquiring 3G license arguing that it will enhance and utilize its GPRS network which is capable of meeting data needs of its subscribers. To connect to the internet using YU is easy, fast and fun with start charges at Kshs.3 per mb. Note that this price applies only to unsubscribed data plan with subscribed data bundles costing even cheaper.

 YU subscribers can now enjoy internet connection on their handsets to access the most popular applications like email, charting and downloads. Unsubscribed data plans for other networks costs from Kshs.5 onwards per mb which is more expensive as compared to YU’s Khs.3 per mb.
YU has so far the cheapest unlimited data plans in the country with flexible options. You can either subscribe to Data bundles including unlimited plans for your modem, or subscribe to mobile internet data bundles including unlimited plans on your phone. To access YU data bundle plans, dial *156# on your phone and select your preferred plan from the data bundle menu.
Here is YU (Essar) Data Bundle Plans for your modem;

a.       Subscribe for Kshs.1 per mb Night Data Bundle dial *154*1#
b.      Subscribe for 15days unlimited @ Kshs.799 dial *154*2#
c.       Subscribe for 30days unlimited @ Kshs.999 dial *154*3#
d.      Subscribe for 1gb bundle @ Kshs.399 dial *154*4#
e.       Subscribe for 2gb bundle @ Kshs.599 dial *154*5#
f.        Subscribe for YU data 100 @ Kshs.250 dial *154*6#
g.       Subscribe for YU data 250 @ Kshs.500 dial *154*7#
h.       Subscribe for YU data 750 @ Kshs.1000 dial *154*8#
i.         Subscribe for YU data 3000 @ Kshs.2000 dial *154*9#
YU (Essar) Data Bundle on mobile phones;
a.       Subscribe for 15days unlimited @ Kshs.99 dial *156*1#
b.      Subscribe for 30days unlimited @ Kshs.199 dial *156*2#
c.       Subscribe for 3days unlimited @ Kshs.29 dial *156*3#
YU (Essar) Non-Modem Data Bundle Plans;
a.       Subscribe for Dedicated 1bob @ Kshs.1 per mb dial *157*1#
b.      Subscribe for daily unlimited data plan @ Kshs.39 dial *157*2#
c.       Subscribe for weekend pack @ Kshs.49 dial *157*3#
d.      Subscribe for 20mb at 6.00pm @ Kshs.6 dial *157*4#
e.       Subscribe for 25mb at 9.00pm @ Kshs.9 dial *157*5#

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please keep updating. You can mislead people. Yu unlimited one month is 499bob

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