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Bharti Airtel Kenya Customer Care Center Contacts

There has been a misconception since Airtel Kenya transffered its customere care staff to Indian Process Outsourcing firm, Spanco. Airtel Kenya assured its customers that the move was aimed at improving efficiency through a reliable and efficient customer care unit. This process also happened in other 16 African countries where Airtel operates.

Whe comparing the effectiveness of customer care departments of mobile service providers in Kenya, Airtel is not the worst, in fact it has one of the best equipped customer care compared to the leading provider, Safaricom. It is very difficult to reach a Safaricom customer care representative and if lucky to get help; this is actually the strategy used by Bharti Airtel Kenya to convince subscribers to move to their network through mobile number portability.

Bharti Airtel Kenya customer care contacts;
1)      Customer care Email

2)      Free Airtel prepaid customers 24hour call canter numbers
·        In Kenya dial 111
·        Abroad dial (+254 (0) 733 100 111)
3)      Free Airtel postpaid customers 24hour call canter numbers
·        In Kenya dial 111
·        Abroad dial (+254 (0) 733 100 111)
4)      Customer care help for Airtel data customers
·        In Kenya dial 232
·        Abroad dial (+254 (0) 733 100 111)
5)      Customer care help for Airtel corporate customers
·        In Kenya dial 111 or 0733 100 111
·        Abroad dial (+254 (0) 733 100 111)

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Why dont you give your customers a notice that your services will not be in use on a particular day?

Am not happy about you.

Thank you

hi airltel sub criber no.0738407274. i have tried to recharge a 50kshs voucher since morning but all in vain.customer care is dead only computer msg availlable. guys what a let down to dedicated customer

pliz ive lost my phone and in kericho they cant replace my line . the line is also loaded with zap , am so so mad coz now 3 days wthout a phone and i need my old one

how long do u take to reply an email?

airtel plz stop putting ringtones on people's phones. it is disgusting and shameful when i called my father-n-law this morning and what i heard is the sawa sawa sawale song. To make it worse is when the person on other end may not be aware that his/her ringtone has been changed. what you are doing can seriously damage your reputation. you need to look for other ways to market yourselves otherwise you will loose the little gains you made

I will really appreciate if you can discontinue all allegedly subscribed alerts on the above line.
I have tried to send stop but the alerts still continue eating into my credit fraudulently.
I spend money on your service daily and I expect that these alerts to be stopped immediately otherwise I will discard this line and service-0787106699

I keep getting these football updates from 247 which I have never subscribed to. Then money is deducted from my number 0737904001. Inspite of my numerous attempts to unsubscribe by sending STOP ALL message to 247 they all seem to fail. Why do you people do that? Am not even a football fan, It is so annoying that you subscribe me without my knowledge then make it impossible to unsubscribe. I know several other frustrated airtel subscribers with similar unaddressed concerns. Its not helping matters that your staff say they are not aware of any such default subscriptions. We expect better from Airtel. Kindly address this issue.

why does it take too long for your customer care to help us. I have a problem with my line, it cannot receive any call nor can I call. I have tried calling 111 but it is not of help so far.???

stop loading peole's lines with unsolicited ringtones,it very demeaning for a big company like yours to allow ringtone sellers to make business at the expense of your clients.I received a message telling me that ihave been deducted money for a ringtone i did not ask for.I really feel dissapointed and i am wondering if it really worth being your customer.The most notorious and annoying ones are from 155

I kindly ask you to advise your marketing team or whoever else is sending unsolicited texts and calls to my phones to remove my numbers from their list. My numbers are 0733-530068 and 0736 919474. I pay for every service that i need from you and my phones are not for advertising. Please buy some newspaper space like all other companies and do your marketing there. Let me also remind you that i have had my first number since the company was Kencell, and they knew what ethics are and how important customers privacy is to their business.

what I don't understand is that airtel don't act and reply to my emails. I have a problem with my line whereby they deduct 1 shilling daily and don't know why. I have tried to seek for their help all invain. They don't reply my emails I write to them complaining either... Is it that they are ignorant about their customers or what? My line is 0734804969

I have been using this number 0737-408196/7 for a period of 5years and whenever our bills are due there is always communication from your side. Supprisingly enough and quite inconveniencingb is the manner which i got disconnected since yesterday and after contacting you, its only one line 0737408197 which was reconnected. I cant communicate with my clients and after several attempts to enquire im being informed of systems repair. For how long should i wait?

I used a lot of kopa kredo lately but I always repay now every time I put in credit it keeps getting deducted and keeps saying your debt is fully settled yet takes credit every time I put in credit! Please solve this problem. Airtel is unfortunately failing these days.My line is 0788516675

This is not my first complaint . I keep getting those lame jokes from 247 and they ask me to reply STOP but wen I do that it's only credit being taken .you make it IMPOSSIBLE to unsubscribe and I am sick of getting more credit and wasting my money. Stop this Airtel people you are just ruining your reputation among your customers. Please solve this 0788516675

YU has completely eaten the kencell marketshare,we know marketing can be dirty but yours is pathetic,why tap peoples phones?its illegal fraud,criminal behaviour CCK is observing

If Airtel are so efficient why do they need to harass their customers with unsolicited calls from 0786824711 and their 0733100301, it is sooo disruptive and of course internet no longer works on the airtel line, I have been reduced to only calling my 1 friend who also has airtel if she wasn't my best friend I wouldn't have the need for it, I'm sorry but you guys aren't doing yourselves any favours. Just leave us alone to choose what services we want to subscribe to and those ringtones seriously???

I wish to give my complaint in writing, after failing to get a satisfactory answer from your customers service staff, twice.

I was in Arusha from 3 - 7 July 2012, during which time I noticed that SMS sent from my phone cost Kes. 14.41. Is that the expected cost?

Previously, I called to enquire why sometime between 20 - 25 April, when my brother went to Maldives, I tried to call him, and even though no one picked the phone, I was charged Kes. 960! (Or maybe I was charged for the call he made to me??) The number was a +960......

I hope I will get some response to my questions.

I just sent this email to, and it bounced!

Best regards,

Kentice Tikolo

You seem not to care at all of your small and poor customers like me. my number is 0735600251. I have recently sent complaints in the past one month, call your customer care with complaints of over-charges and no one seems to CARE at all.
If you check your data which i want to believe is available you will note that you are in the loosing path of having me. Infact i have hardly used your services this year. Reasons -POOR or lack of response.
I need an e-mail address of someone who will close my matters then if you prefer I can ditch the sim-card.
owiti musa

I do appreciate a no. of sevices especially your rate and balance notifications. But my number 0736178888 has been having several deductions despite my complain to the customer care. After the erroneous deductions from the 100 bob credit, can you tell me how much i owe you befor i can reload.
NB What happened to the customer care?

I have tried to subscribe to daily internet bundles 3 days ago now but its not workin whyyyy??

I have a complaint to submit. I keep getting those lame jokes from 247 .I did not subscribe for that service.I have tried unsubscribing for that service by sending STOP JOKES TO 247 but when I do the feed back I get is the subscription selected does not exsist.But my account balance keeps reducing. It's not helping matters that your staff say they are not aware of any such default subscriptions. We expect better from Airtel. Kindly address this issue.My Phone number is 0737933980.Kindly inactivate that subscription.

Hi customer care am getting threat messages from unknown person from the num 0787670282,am fearing of my life, after sms the phones goes off. Kindly advise.

You can call cellphone --0738555565 for further details

My number is 0737398336 and I am very disturbed that every time I call any number there is a prompt which maintains that the call cannot be completed as dialed.These are numbers that are saved on phone and have been in use for years!Yet a few minutes later the same number is connected without question.What is it? Are your hands full?

Terrible issue resolution from airtell.

My mobile number 0725123464 develped an issue last wednesday, Cant call, cant receive calls or messages. I called customer service from my airtell alternative line same day was told it has been re set to swith my phone on and off. It never worked. I called again but this time was told the system is down and there is nothing they can do untill the system is back so i call later. i asked why they cant take my details and resolve the problem when the system was back but was told that would be too much work abnd the operators are busy. This was the routine from wednesday to friday- system down please call later. On Friday i insisted that i talk to a supervisor. The first attendants dennis and dorcas refsed to transfer me and disconnected my when i insisted. Eventualy i was put through to a supervisor nelly. Sweet nelly with great customer care skills took all my details and promised to call me back when system was back we trouble shoot together. Thats the last time i heard of her. Three other requests to speak to her we rejected. she was said to be in afternoon shift. come afternoon shift she is not on duty today.

Today i called a gentleman main served me said my issues was resoved and an sms sent to me. I dont know to which line becacause the failty number cant receive calls or sms but can load airtime (hear that.. even when not serving you, even when your line is down, airtell will make sure they receive their money) stollen money.. money not in exchange of service.
Again .
When i insisted to talk to a supervisor, main disconnected me. I called again immediately and taklked to keziah. after the same long ritual of explaining my story (airtell has my record of complaints but you must repeat the ritual .. too busy to read your issue from the system.. she reluctantly agreed to transfer me to a supervisor. Byt after 5 minutes waiting she came back with the news, the supervisor is too busy but would call me immediately. i said i am not taking any more promises as non had been kept. she discconnected me. five hours later the said supervisor has not talked to me and my issue has not been resolved.
I have four aitell numbers including 3 modems two i use in kenya and one in tz.gues time to buy alternative modems rest these two go down. I have been using my airtell exclussively for business communication to both airtell and all networks. it is the only number i have advertised on my website, letters og introduction to clients, tender documents. so you understand my anger. I want to do something about this so that others kenyans dont go through this. Any blogger with a widely read blog we share with kenyans, any one who knows how to get airtell penalized for tjis.. i read of penalties by cck for poor services by the operators?

any laeyer who thinks there is a case here with minimal legal fees.. is it not the best way to get publicity for airtells poor services... today is monday.. out of communication since wednesday.

sorry my faulty no is 0735123464
The e-mail address you entered couldn't be found. Please check the recipient's e-mail address and try to resend the message. If the problem continues, please contact your helpdesk. this is the reply you get when you email airtell customer care on the email theur have provided in this blog


Kindly have a system of blacklisting conmens, had an encounter with one. He impersonated your staff telling me I have won 70k only to tell me that it will not be possible to send via airtel line and I need to dial a specific number (not sure if he said *247# coz when he said that I need to dial a number I dismissed him. His number is 0787 754634

Hi. I called customer care reporting a conman who called telling me I had won 100k only that they could only send a maximum of 40k via airtel and the rest required another money transfer method etc. Was told to send his number to 333, but the text isn't going through. The number is +254 734 051913. I hope action will be taken.


Do Airtel customer service reply to what people are complaining here,i need some service from you guys.

My line is 0733711138, I constantly receive offers to download music ringtones and at times at very odd hours, like very early morning or late night?
. These are very disturbing. I don't wish to receive them anymore. Could you PLEASE STOP THEM?

Your services are just the worst. I subscribed for club 10, Ksh 10 was deducted from my account but I was unable to call my airtel friends (10pm - 6am ). Why do you people 'present' to us things that you cannot actually deliver? My number is 0732718732

yes.your promotional smses at WEIRD hours of the night are a violation of human rights!!NKT@#$nowadays i dont even check when i get a text coz the chances of them being from anyone other than airtel are close to NIL

Does airtel Kenya charge customers for switching off their lines while abroad? I have an airtel post paid line but work in DAR only switching on this line on weekends when I am in Nairobi. The surprising thing is that the charges continue to increase every month. The latest shocker is a five digit bill that I can't mention here but I have raised a complaint with the customer care desk.

looking at the above complains,am dead airtel-wise!!!!!!!!!!!

seems airtel doesnt respond to customer queries..

Been getting weird calls saying its from advertising,sales and marketing About winning money from airtel money etc. wanting to find out details about my whereabouts, name etc..kindly follow up and trace these cause its scary

Query on bundle usage – modem 0732713702

Dear people,

This morning at about 10 am, I bought a sh 450, 500MB data bundle and by 2.40 pm, it had ran out. All I have done is some PDF attachments and a browse through face book.

I believe there must be something awry and would appreciate if you could check.



Please airtell stop sending soo many sms to us. Its so boring to be receving messages now and then until our phones memory are getting full.

Is Airtel 3.75G only available in Nairobi?I'm in Karuri -Kiambu I have been On a weak Edge Since day 1

Hi. I called customer care reporting a conman who called telling me I had won 100k. Was told to send his number to 333, but the text isn't going through. The number is +254 786 787401. I hope action will be taken.

my number is 0736805125 and iam deducted one shilling everytime i recharge my credit with twenty shillings and above why does this happen? what am i being deducted for and why

I complained about the promotional texts you send every day to the tune of 50 sms in a day and it is totally annoying.
Specific times is 1am, 2am, 4 am and 600 during the day. Get my number out of your promotional offers texting service.
If not i will be forced to take legal action against you.
0737 76 22 42.

My number is 0739365610,I have just talked to the customer service over deductions which is to the tune of Kshs.20 every time I get a message. I have just texts STOP to 247 and to my surprise you have deducted a further 10/-. What could be wrong?. I am thinking switching off and going to other service providers.We ca not afford to loose money at this rate.

Greetings people

This afternoon, we recharged our Airtel modem with the unlimited sh 3,000 option. It failed to log on saying “The connection was terminated by the remote computer before it could be completed”.
We called your people and they promised to fix it within an hour. They did but the speeds were very’ very low and so we waited thinking that they would pick up as we tried to upload a bid.
Now, we are back to “The connection was terminated by the remote computer before it could be completed ” and have lost the business and, with it, a considerable amount of money.
My number is 0732713702

Best regards,



Please also note that President Kibaki assented to the Consumer Protection Act, 2012 on December 13, 2012 and that the Consumers Federation of Kenya ( would be pleased if you copied your complaints to:

Airtel Kenya has one of the poorest services..They take too long to reply to messages..Your postpaid services are very poor.please borrow a leaf from safaricom.You cant even pay throughh airtel money and have one of the worst working systems..pull up your socks my number is currently blocked yet i had done a payment..iam no longer interested in your services at least we have Safaricom.

none on the numbers mentioned above are working...

SERVICE IS PATHETIC! WE CAN CREATE A WHOLE ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF COMPLAINTS! the customer care agents are earning a pay for doing nothing at all, my line is now permanently off as i have switched to the BETTER OPTION.....less stress, no annoying ring tones and forced subscriptions! i advise all out there to do the same as its clear we wont get help from anyone at airtel!

I just received a call from a guy calling himself Eric Mwandime cell number 0878443445 claiming that he is calling from Airtel head office to inform me that I have won Ksh 100,000. Asked how I won that money without participating in any competition, he said that I had won a bonus for line usage. What he wanted was to know whether my line was registered so that he could send the money to it or whether I had another money service like MPESA which he could use. He also wanted to know where I was. On informing him that I do not have an MPESA, he said he could use my ZAP but has to broaden it since it is locked to only receive deposits of Kshs 35,000. He asked me to give him five minutes to do that but he has not called back yet. Could anyone explain how this racket unfolds? An Email sent to Airtel Customer Care to report has bounced back.

Airtel's customer service is terrible!!

I have been trying to get an itemised bill for the past 2 months - every time I call 111 or go to their store, they raise another task ticket. a task ticket gets raised over and over again for the task that was not originally done. Yet they never get the job done, but continue to keep disconnecting me even when I am below my credit limit.

How do I continue to pay for something that I have no details of?

There is no way of escalating the matter. They have no complaints procedure - so you are forever stuck with the brainless idiot that answers the phone, who might as well not have picked up the darn phone after waiting 20+ minutes.

Airtel needs to be sent on a REAL customer care course. Perhaps they can learn from some of the UK companies.

More importantly they need to fire all the idiots they hire - who just don't get logic!

I would be extremely embarrassed running a company like this.

I gave up on Airtel. Data will show and speak for itself. Check my usage now and in the past years -no. 0735600251

Airtel customer service is daily out of service,just close shop and go back to where you came from!




You have become thieves. Have just recharged 50 bob airtime, called another airtel number talked only for seven minutes and the airtime is gone. Which tarrif is this one? You have seen my last

I need to know how to change my line to post paid. my number 0732554483

I need to unsubscribe both 30658 and 247 update services from line, please help my number is 078260504. Simon Maina

Dear Dorcas,
I wish to register my strongest protest regarding your services, particularly regarding a simple thing as registering a line into your system.
4 weeks ago I bought a sim card for line number 0780251800. I have not been able to use the line for the simple reason that your agents and staff cannot register it into your system. I can understand , albeit with some misgiving, the inability of your agents to conclude the registration. After all , they don't have the complete resources of Airtel at their disposal. They unavoidably referred me to Customer Care.
Shock of shocks, Airtel Customer Care staff couldn't solve this simple matter either , including the Centre Manager ! Instead, they asked me to pay another kshs. 100/= to buy another sim card. This is despite the fact that I had already spent 700/= in sim cards for this very line ! I am sure if I had walked into a Safaricom Customer Care Centre carrying all those sim cards the way I did today at your Customer Care Centre my line would have worked today !

Why don't you stick with your Agents instead of opening Customer Care Centres which are offering equally sub standard services???????????????

Can someone help, or is the Head Office equally disabled ??????

Joab O. Opondo


Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:
The email address you have entered could not be found. For airtel customer care, email at or to manage services, dial *121# from your airtel mobile.



I am holding this airtel portable number since more than 2.5 yrs in Nairobi..

I had a problem of my internet not working for phone number bearing 0786761525 for around 3 weeks now, I approached first to Airtel store at Oval – Westlands on 09th April’17. For which they noted my problem and promised to get back to me within 24 hrs , which literally as usual never reverted back.

Today I visited your esteemed Airtel store in Westgate Mall again to check if I can get my problem sorted out. To my surprise the lady attending my complaint Ms. Dorein deactivated my sim card and had made me await for more than 3 hrs for nothing. She failed to reactivate my deactivated sim card and kept on giving all weird excuses.

I have a question to all your customer care dept , do you guys understand the importance of making a activated number deactivated for no reason where lot of business transaction takes place??????????????????????

I kept on asking Ms Dorein , why the hell she has to deactivate the sim card when the problem was with internet working. Me being non- technical person in telecommunication can understand this simple logic, why the lady responsible for sorting things out did this blunder and making me suffer miserably . This is highly unacceptable to me and I want answer from your worthless Airtel customer care dept , who will be bearing my losses on account of this foolishness. If these are the lame persons that are appointed as your customer care dept as representatives only God can save your company from clients fury!

Your customer care dept is one of the worthless support dept I have encountered, they lacks skill set to understand the clients verbatim, give lame excuse of non execution, doesn't have clarity of what is the escalation level for corporate clients.

Since I am about to leave for my overseas tour tomorrow , can anyone take the responsibility of getting my sim reactivated so that I bloody don't have to run behind your customer care dept & begging on my knees for getting my things done for which I pay. Truely disappointed with Airtel.

Shame on Airtel!

Airtel is just useless. You email, they take forever to respond. You call their customer care lines, you wait until you give up- it is like you have FOREVER to listen to their products. Frustrating!!!

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