Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Lilliput Mini USB Display Monitor

Have you ever considered having an extra secondary display monitor for your computer? Costs for acquiring new hardware as well as another monitor to connect an additional display unit has been the major hindrance. You would probably need an extra video card and an additional power supply unit to accomplish this need; however, the Lilliput mini USB monitor will provide you an additional high resolution display with a single USB connection to your computer.

Unlike video cards, modern computers are built with several USB ports because of two major reasons;
  1. More devices are USB compatible hence the need of extra ports to connect different hardware. These devices may include but not limited to;
·         Modern keyboards and mouse
·         Modern printers
·         External hard drives
·         Flash disks
  1. VGA ports have minimal connection compatibility devices compared to USB ports which can also power the connected devices, hence no need for extra power. Common known hardware that connects via VGA ports include;
·         Display monitor.
Lilliput Mini USB Display Monitor Specifications;

  1. A display resolution of 800x480 on a 7inch display screen
  2. Supports both landscape and portrait view by just rotating the display panel
  3. A comfortable 350cd brightness and a contrast ratio of 400:1
  4. USB 2.0 connection with various operating system compatibility drivers available for download
  5. Small in size which makes it suitable to carry around in your hand bag.
  6. Works better on a laptop computer.
The Lilliput mini USB display monitor is suitable for the following functions;
  1. Spread sheet
  2. Instant messaging client
  3. Pc gaming
  4. Videos and widgets
The Lilliput mini usb monitor is expected to be available in Kenya soon.

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