Sunday, April 10, 2011

Safaricom Business; Cyber café Fixed Data internet charges

Safaricom business fixed data charges for cyber café broadband internet connections now comes with 50% off on all installation charges. There are two connectivity options to consider depending on the nature of your business; wimax connection and fiber optic connection. Cyber café businesses are becoming more popular as many transactions are now available online. Furthermore, recent advancement in the telecommunications sector has significantly lowered internet access rates.

Cyber café fixed data broadband internet offers

1.    Fixed data for Cyber with 4-10 computers
·        Duplex capacity of 256kbs
·        Price excluding tax Kshs.9,999 Price including tax Kshs.11,599
·        Charged per month

2.    Fixed data for cyber with 11-20 computers
·        Duplex capacity of 512kbs
·        Price excluding tax Kshs.14,999 Price including tax Kshs.17,399
·        Charged per month

3.    Fixed data for cyber with more than 20 computers
·        Duplex capacity of 1mbs
·        Price excluding tax Kshs.22,000 Price including tax Kshs.25,520
·        Charged per month

With any of the above Safaricom fixed data cyber café broadband internet you get
·        Free installation and free wimax radio unit (CPE)
·        24/7 support
·        Dedicated bandwidth
·        Discounted monthly charges
·        Free domain hosting

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