Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Safaricom MicroSim (3FF sim) card for Ipads and Iphones

Sim cards have become a common device in our daily lives. However, some years back, it was very expensive to get a network sim card let alone owning a mobile phone. The most commonly used sim cards are of GSM technology. Recent developments have led to the introduction of MicroSim cards mainly meant for data on GSM devices. Actually as the name suggests, microsim cards are smaller in size almost half the normal GSM sim cards.

Apple has announced the introduction of Ipad which operates on WiFi and 3G gsm networks that will use microsim cards. Microsim cards have not gained much popularity since their invention back in 2003 but it is anticipated that Ipads move to use them will have a major impact on their usage. Safaricom now has introduced microsim cards at their retail stores specifically meant for Kenyan Ipad users. The 3FF sim card measures 12mm x 15mm compared to the normal sim cards which measure 15mm x 25mm.

Safaricom which is the country’s largest telecommunications operator now retails microsim cards at their stores countrywide to be used on Ipad and other microsim cards compatible products.

How to get a Safaricom MicroSim card for Ipads and Iphones
  1. Visit any Safaricom retail shop countrywide and ask for a MicroSim card
  2. Prepaid customers can call Safaricom customer care line @100 and request for a MicroSim card
  3. Postpaid customers can call Safaricom customer care line @200 and request for a MicroSim card

  • After you get a Safaricom MicroSim card, enjoy faster 3G internet connectivity on your device
  • Surprisingly, you can also cut a regular Safaricom Sim card to the size of MicroSim card and use it on the Ipad or Iphone; however it requires a very careful procedure to achieve this.

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Hmmm, Micro Sims. I developed an interest in them while checking out Smart phone specs and could not help but wonder what they were and how they worked. I now get the picture, but still what puzzles me is if I cut my regular SIM card and then later switch maybe to another device that uses the reegular SIM, what shal I do since yes, I can cut it but I cannot reverse the action. Simply, can you use a micro SIM in any way on a regular SIM card slotted device since you will always be stuck on that particular device?

Hi, all you will need is a "Micro SIM" adaptor.
Check this out:

i really needed this information coz im visiting kenya soon and i was worried where to get one.Thanks for the information

These adaptors tend not to work very well.

A better solution, is to find one of those independent cell-phone shops (you know, the type that unlock phones and the like!) and ask if they have a microSIM card cutter.

If they do, the charge to cut it is small and they return the original SIM.

You will find, if you are careful, that you can put your new microSIM into the old SIM card and it will usually hold it tight enough to put into a phone or modem.

This solution tends to be more effective.

Asante..im now happy to carry my iphone back home with me

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Personally i have been used a micro sim card on both platforms without a micro simcard adapter. You just need to place it carefully on the simcard slot

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