Sunday, April 3, 2011

Samsung Unveils a Transparent lcd Panel

In addition to Samsung’s current products is a transparent 22 inch LCD panel that allows viewers to see through a television like in sci-fi movies. Samsung has become the first manufacturer to produce transparent monitors and believes that the new product will catch the attention of many consumers.
Contrary to many LCD panels, the new product works in absence of a backlight and instead it uses ambient light to decide how well the screen should be lit. This new venture by Samsung is surely going to catch the admiration of television lovers world wide not forgetting increase Samsung sales an ultimately returns.
The new transparent lcd panel consumes less power compared to traditional television sets about 90% less making it the best choice for power saving. Unlike other known panels, you can actually see through your television

The Samsung lcd panel measures 22 inches diagonally and has a resolution of up to 1,680 pixels by 1,050 pixels on a 500:1 contrast ratio. This product is also available in both black and white and color variety. According to Samsung, the panel offers the highest transparency rate; estimated to be over 20% for the black and white model and 15% for the color model.

The Samsung lcd transparent panel is expected to have a wide range of uses in all areas as the main tool of delivering information and communication. In addition, the panel will also accommodate HDMI and USB ports for connectivity purposes. We can all wait and hope for the product to reach the Kenyan market

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