Saturday, April 23, 2011

Smart TV Kenya Bouquet Channels

Smart TV Kenya is a pay TV service provider owned by Next Generation Broadcasting (NGB) that broadcasts digital TV signals on the KBC’s owned Signet platform. Kenya is set to have a complete transition from analog to digital broadcasting by the year 2012. Apart from the pay TV channels on Smart TV bouquet, local free to air channels will be aired without subscriptions on the smart TV set top boxes.

Smart TV Channels
A dedicated music channel featuring the latest Music Videos from prominent and upcoming artists. MTV airs reality shows as well as up to date music news, celebrity news and tour information.

  1. AFRICA SPORTS NETWORK(ASN): Exclusive to Smart TV
A sports channel on Smart TV bouquet that broadcasts live premier league, series A games and the famous NBA circuit games.

SENTANTA SPORTS is a sports channel based in Dublin, Ireland that broadcasts football matches including FA cup, EURO qualifiers, European football leagues, premier league, Magners league and Champions league.

A dedicated 24 hours news television network based in the United Kingdom airing up to the minute news around the globe. In addition to news, BBC broadcasts interviews, documentaries and talk shows. BBC airs current news on hourly basis.

An entertainment group on Smart TV channel list that airs original programs such as Dexter, Californication, Nurse Jackie, The Tudors and The L word.

A west African entertainment network on Smart TV channel list featuring non stop movies, music and kids entertainment.

  1. STAR
A Hollywood entertainment channel airing the latest in Movies, Celebrities, Fashion and Hollywood news.

  1. KIDS CO
Kids entertainment network on Smart TV channel list that has popular kids programs targetting ages between 3 and 12yrs that includes cartoon programs such as heathcliff and super mario world.

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try very much to competate with dstv coz zuku are on the way so check.....know tjhat you had promise us to add more channels by feb this year and not yet even this time,... am asking are you going to succed surely on this promises?

hopefully smart tv will reduce subscription costs from current kshs.990 Dstv has lowered to kshs.830

is Smart Tv available currently in mombasa?
is the Ksh990 monthly all that is needed?

smart tv runs on kbc signet digital platform which is currently only available in Nairobi. Monthly subscription is kshs.990 but you will also need a decoder which costs kshs.5,000. Subscription is also available through Mpesa look at the smart tv pricing post for further details.

are there any other cool channels coz "FOX" is the only "atleast" airing best programs and that is family guy, simpson,buffy and scrubs. all others are booooring

Hi , kindly stop the swahili comentetor, coz he realy makes the game boring.

Can we have national geographical channels? or anything that entails nature...pleaseeeee

Hey ....U need to bit Dstv lower ur monthly charges 990 to at least 700

are you airing the vodacom super 15 rugby tournament? will air the rugby world cup? tri nations? heineken cup? French Super 14 League? U will have won my heart till death do us part...:)

epl yawa! give us everything & tell us how much! then & only then can we talk!!

U need to go to the drawing board. The channels are really booooooring. I guess the one EPL per week made u sell. Am sure most ppl have not renewed their accounts (me included) since the football season closed. Give us value for money n fresh action. Mind u, zuku will complicate matters 4u since DSTV is no match.

U need to go to the drawing board. The channels are really booooooring. I guess the one EPL per week made u sell. Am sure most ppl have not renewed their accounts since the football season closed. Give us value for money n fresh action. Mind u, zuku will complicate matters 4u since DSTV is no match.

hey guys you started well with knew well this generation is a soap opera generatio, so you got it right puting STV2 you have done it wrong by removing it and replacing with this SBNC thing.who is watching it anyway, remove it .remember we are paying for good channels, bring bad channels like that one we stop subscribing remember dstv and zuku.good channels means you shall be on top, bad channels means you shall go down.rectify ffor us please and return stv2,thats our channel.yesterday i dint wach prison break and soy tu duena whats up guys tu duena ni nini? Lolest..they should replace all that with more cool movies n stuff that doesnt make women stay by the telly all day doin nothin.

Can't compare to DSTV. The channels are just but the Bomb and yeah the price is fair. Who would want to invest their money where there is no return.
Dream again

Hi you guys. Are you aware that your signal around Embakasi Cabanas area is not satisfactory. It keeps on freezing. Am not enjoying your programs properly.

i wanted to subscribe but i will rethink as per the comments that i have read. may be unless tou improve

u guys r scaring me.. i just subscribed but the reason was it was on offer.. ''get the decoder free''... hhhmmm as per ur comments am wondering was it really worth it? by the way the decoders are out of stock.

Can u just bid for two league matches every weekend and blv me ur going to make sweet profit. Plz improve only one more EPL game not too much guys. Reply.

Are the decorders out of stock?? I placed an order and upto now am told you guys dont have the smart card. When do we expect them to be available?

Wanted to by the decoder but apparently you need an external Ariel and I don’t have one. Too much unnecessary expenditure I must say.

smart tv needs to get smart by introducing more channels for it does not make sense paying 990 @ month for less than 10 pay channels

I wanted to buy this decorder and after your comment

manze do smthing to EPL games coz thats where the bone of contetion is as the season beckons

channel kumi 2,i'd rather add money nishike dstv.bure kabisa

this is kennedy, i've bought smart tv but apparently it seems that its working on a kbc frequency. so for people living in areas that have low kbc frequency like in umoja estate means that we can not watch smart tv channels because it only work when kbc is clear. can your technicians do something about this problem because if not, it means that we would have bought this for no use!

add some epl games.......make your offers a bit game per week?????

you smart tv if you are real smart business pple by now u should have responded to some of these concerns bt at the look of things u seem to be serious jokers.A concern has bn raised about more epl matches,national geog.chnel bt un have always ignored it.What will u do when zuku will come in wth mo enticing offers?I Know u are not worried caz after all u have already made ur money and if push come to shove um will juz close shop.

hi there am planning to get one this week and you stay in the same area as me have the signals been sorted is it worth getting? are the programs interesting?

add more channels please please especially movies n consider epl

you are a rip off in your adverts you talk about live premier matches.What we get instead is star tv.

Damn. Thought of subscribing but have been put off by the limited Channels and the commemnts. And what do you mean No Nat.Geo????? Think I'll Do DSTV

Are you smart TV or Unsmart TV, pathetic channels, I wish I knew... add more EPL games and national Geographics then we can negotiate, otherwise it is a row deal

are the boxes still available? if yes where are the contacts please....

Smart Tv I dont think so ... mko down tu sana.

This thing (yaani stupid TV)has KBC influence on it no wonder it is so messed up. U dont need to be a genius to figure out why. their services are getting poorer and poorer and i have paid sh990 for the last time. now they are not even broadcasting any football match that they used to bring plus their channels are painfull to watch coz of poor audio/visual quality.
my suggestion!-just close shop and go or sell to someone serious to manage and people just add some cash and pay for real entertainment from DSTV.

This is iconze..seems Smart TV Is not meeting expectations of Kenyans in regards to many comments..wanted to buy one bt now i've to rethink again..!

plz consider airing all epl matches live and add national geographic channel if you want to succeed.ihave you decorder but iam not using it

i really regret purchasing smart tv decoder coz we even have no signal reception in KARATINA what a waste of money;

Let me give u guys a picture of how low smuck tv is. I hav a dstv std receiver always on with family/ compact bouquets while my smart decoder always off. Till they get their act togetha or make it sh300 per month or introduce more chanels, epl and EPG. coz that is its tru value.

you guy cheated on us you will be showing us football and now we are forced to go and pay somewhere to go and watch and we have paid you .so what the need of paying you anyway, it is better to go to the dstv

CALL ME ON 0770040877/0738784247

Hey mahendra am Nell just pay me shs 5,500. i no longer use my 2month old decoder .call 0712495789

buy mine at kshs3500 i' ve only had it for 2 months and want to get rid of it. call 0736576004

One Smart tv decoder 4 sale. Includes a high quality HD antena, remote commander, adapter and smart card. Free delivery within nairobi CBD. Note antena is sh1500 and decoder sh 3000 and smart card sh1000. Call 0712495789 or email

i am not getting this thing if the comments above are true.

moving to gotv. i bought smart tv because of bbc world news and africa sports network which are no longer on replaced with aljazeera and star tv. i think go tv has better value and channels. NIKU HAMA

i regrate buying it cause i end up watching the local channels and later bought dstv and the dicorder which i have has problems. i regrate buying it cause i end up watching the local channels and later bought dstv and the dicorder which i have has problems.

u don't understand the customers options, u don't show football, and geographical etc and now Dstv has come up with Gotv which the price is fair sh580 per month , what will u gonna do, what will u do to retain your customers cause i stoped subscribing this moth until u improve.there is no way i can pay and i go watch football in club

angusheni bei ama u r out of market. listen to the guys abouve seriously and do as they wish. more EPL!

Have those goons reduced tha price to sh.350? Are they showing 4 epl games a week? If not remind me to subscribe when they do. Peace!! Hey u smart tv ur time is up. Funga duka coz kuna new kid in town called gotv and its 10x better.

ati smart tv,please check yourself coz there is nothing smart about what you are offering to the market. i bought the decorder and i regret why i had to waste my money on that crapy thing. am now on zuku and happier than ever before.people please move to zuku and you will not regret.

I bought a decorder and was so excited just to note that they are still using the old DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcast Terre-strial) set top boxes- which are being phased off and are to be replaced with a newer DVB-T2 (Digital Video Broadcast second generation Terrestrial ).

whaaaat!!! 990 bob a month? for that bullcrap?.........PLEASE THEY MUST HAVE A MENTAL DISEASE.

whoever is still buying smart tv services must be retarded!!

Tadaa a new pay tv was launched in kenya its "big" n "entertaining" its called SMART(Suckers Must Always ReceiveTrash)TV just perfect fo retards

hey what!u guys are not serious in fact with these u are going nowhere either u change or u close the business .more live EPL bwana ,geographical channels, and at least 450 bob a month, wake up!!!!!!!!!

had 4gvn u bcoz of EPL coz my son was a fan of Nickelodeon: i hd a reason to use the decorder bt now if u want it 4 free gt it n count it as a loss

you guys need to put back nickelodeon

epl premier is what u need to survive in the market ...amkeni bwana 990 is not worth what u r giving us

U pipo nid to up ua game coz the channels dat u r offering r xo boooorin evn 4 da last 2 months i hvnt renewed ma subscription.we nid more EPL & more entertaining movies or u can jst close the dame thng!!!!!!!!

smart tv ppl, u promised to deliver entertainment, imagine now there is no football (dnt say epl) other football features are available (italian, brasilian, dutch leagues) come pple.
Discovery channel has been replaced with something our young one dozzed on watching jst 1 minute!...u hv a great product sell it well..pls dnt wait for the revolution change before.


Smart TV is finally closed!!!
Another GTV.

SAM says
Low quality services,scratching channels,smart TV channels registering 12 channels have been removed,whats all these games for.In fact its all boring.....I think these Guys have closed down,becoz i recharged the account with 990sh. but no channels are showing up like previous times unless KBC and the way its boring....o men give me a break!!!!!
Kama ni kufunga funga bila kusumbua na kucon watu pesa,hazipatikani!

DONT BE FRUSTRATED GOTV IS HERE FOR U. Only ksh.6255 for decoder and 3 months subrcription (i can let u pay ksh.3500 now then the remaining balance the following month but i get to keep the decoder till the last installment). I have many of those new DVB-T2 decoders for sale.
Call me(fred) on 0789112086
NB this decoder is easy to install and you should do it yourself, but if u need it to be done by me, the cost is shs.500)
*gotv- entertaining africa*

Do u av a smart TV decoder? swap it for gotv @ a subsidize price of ksh 4,999 inclusive of the three months of viewing. interested persons can contact 0724901332.

I would like to sell mine which cost me 6000 but will sell for 5000 kes

Eti Smart tv is back? I hope they've now realized that EPL is the only secret 2 survival

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