Friday, April 15, 2011

Unlock your Smart Phone Using the IMEI Number

Purchasing a Smart Phone from a service provider is regarded as the most affordable way of owning a high value handset, however, in most cases you will find that the handset has been locked to a single network. This means that you won’t be able to use it on a different network without unlocking your Smart Phone. Every mobile phone has a unique identification number known as IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity).
 For each mobile device, there is a 15 digit unique identification IMEI number. Sometimes the IMEI can vary from 15 digits to 17 digits and each mobile device has a unique combination. Since IMEI numbers are distinct to other devices, they can be used for several purposes. In Kenya for instance, most Safaricom and Airtel products are locked to their networks including modems and mobile phones.

Uses of IMEI numbers on a Smart Phone
1.      IMEI numbers can be used by your service provider to monitor how you use your Smart Phone; that includes pricing and services used frequently.
2.      Service providers can also use a Smart Phone’s IMEI number to block it from operation especially for stolen handsets. It ensures that the handset is not used even if the Sim card is changed.
3.      Network providers also use IMEI numbers to lock a Smart Phone to a particular network. This is the most common use of IMEI numbers by service providers. It ensures that subscribers remain on their network even after purchasing the handset.
4.      Used by retailers to activate the phone when sold. This necessary for products that come with a warranty to monitor their lifespan

How to locate/get your Smart Phone’s IMEI number;
·        On your Smart Phone’s menu, go to Options and navigate to the Status choice, you will find many features including the IMEI number.
·        In addition, if you still have the original box that came with your Smart Phone, you will find the IMEI number printed on the cover of the box outside.
·        You can also remove the back cover from the phone and battery to see IMEI number on a sticker at the battery compartment.
·        Dial *#06# and press enter your Smart Phone’s IMEI number will be revealed on the screen

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So how do you unlock using the IMEI no?

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