Sunday, April 3, 2011

Watch Television Channels on your Computer using a TV tuner Card

The ability of a computer can not be under estimated as various hardware accessories continue to be developed to enhance newer functionalities. Today, whether digital or analog, television channels can be watched directly using your personal computer. TV tuner cards give computers the ability to receive free to air television signals. The are different TV tuner cards depending on the following factors;

·        Mode of connection to the computer. Some TV tuner cards are connected via USB ports while others are connected directly to the motherboard using the PCI slot on your computer’s motherboard. We also have other tuner cards that can be connected to the computer monitor directly on the VGA cable.
·        Type of signal reception. Analog TV tuner cards receive analog signals while digital TV tuner cards receive digital TV signals and hybrid TV cards receive both analog and digital signals.

TV Tuner cards are purchased with application software and compatibility drivers except for those which are connected directly on the computer monitor.

To purchase the best and suitable TV tuner card;
·        Know the type of television channel signal present in your area
·        Observe the maximum amount you want to spend, hybrid TV tuner cards are costly compared to other models.
·        Identify the connection type suitable for your computer. Laptop computers are best connected via USB port.
·         Manufacturer. Get TV tuner cards from manufactures with good reputation for a quality and durable TV tuner card.
·        Ensure that the application software is compatible with your system specifications i.e. operating system and processor speed.
·        Be familiar with package contents; most TV tuner cards come with;
1.      Installation CD
2.      Remote
3.      TV tuner
4.      User manual

After getting your TV tuner card;
·        Plug it correctly by following procedures in the user manual provided
·         Install drivers and application software
·        Search for available free to air channels
·        Enjoy your viewing.

PCI TV tuner card 

                                                                       USB TV tuner card

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hope to get one for my pc usb is good

what about tuner card on a set of box, like decoder?

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