Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wezesha Program of Subsidized Laptops for Kenyan University Students

The wezesha subsidized laptops for Kenyan students is a joint initiative between Kenya ICT Board and Kenya's Ministry of Information and Communications to enable Kenyan university students own laptop computers at affordable prices. Over 15,667 Kenyan university students are expected to benefit from the wezesha program. Owning a laptop computer is very expensive to Kenyan university students hence the need for reduced prices particularly to students.
 The Wezesha program is set to give Kshs.9000 to enable university students purchase a laptop computer at reduced prices. This program which is however regarded as experimental will drastically reduce the cost of laptop computers for university students enabling those students especially from humble backgrounds to be able to own laptops at affordable prices.

The prices of laptops will be reduced by either 15% or 33% depending on the model. This will therefore be a fixed incentive to university students despite the specifications and price of the laptop. The 15% and 33% price incentive will however be applied on two laptop models sold by qualified retailers. 

The Wezesha subsidized laptops program is open to all Kenyan university students in accredited Universities within the country both public and private. The university must however express interest in this program to enable its students benefit from it.

Here is the process for university students to get subsidized laptops;
·        Student must log into the Wezesha portal and register.
·        The university Coordinator verifies and approves students registration online
·         The student will then receive a voucher via email
·        The student then logs back into the Wezesha portal and chooses his desired laptop
·        Details of the selected laptop are shown less the voucher price
·        The retailer will then receive notification on indented purchase
·        Students then visits the retailer to get the laptop and provides the voucher plus the remaining price to own the laptop.

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