Monday, May 16, 2011

Bharti Airtel International Dialing and Calling Rates

Mobile service providers in Kenya offer very competitive international voice call charges which differs depending on geographical locations and the nature of phone calls. Airtel reduced its voice call tariff charges for both local and international calls. Surprisingly, tariff charges on international voice calls today are similar to local voice call charges five years back.

 How to make international call using direct access on Airtel’s network   

·        Dial + followed by the destination country code i.e. for Kenya, dial +254
·        Then enter the area code followed by phone number i.e. for Los Angels in USA; first dial +1 then Los Angels area code 213, followed by pone number 456789 (+1 213 456789)

How to make international voice call using Airtel Voip
        i.            Dial *111# to activate new areas
      ii.            This process is free (you will not be charged for activation)
    iii.            You will receive a confirmation text message for your subscription
    iv.            Then carefully follow the steps for making an international voice call

Bharti Airtel Kenya international calling charges/rates;
        i.            Band 1
·        Destination: India, USA, Canada, China, UK
·        Nature: fixed
·        Charges: Kshs.3

      ii.            Band 2
·        Destination: East Africa, South Africa, UAE, UK
·        Nature: mobile
·        Charges: Kshs.20

    iii.            Band 3
·        Destination: other regions
·        Nature: non satellite destination
·        Charges: Kshs.30

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It is quite necessary to choose the best plan to dial international as it doest give you unnecessary burden on your pocket.

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