Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bharti Airtel Launches 3G Internet Connection

Some good news for internet junkies in Kenya as Airtel has finally launched 3G network. Bharti Airtel Kenya is the second largest mobile service provider in the country with regard to the number of subscribers on its network; it offers relatively cheap voice call tariff and internet bundles. Previously, Airtel’s main hindrance to explore the data segment of mobile telephony has been its connection speed which has been based on GPRS/EDGE technology compared to its major rival Safaricom which already operates on 3G network with every intention to further upgrade its network to 4G by the end of the year.

Nairobi residents in Kenya have seen a WCDMA/UMTS signal on their Airtel mobile phones and modems which can only imply presence of 3G network. Although Airtel is yet to confirm the migration, I felt it necessary to share such fabulous news with my fellow internet lovers in Kenya; in the real sense, this is where speed meets cheap, Safaricom brace yourself for yet another blow to your dominance. Bharti Airtel 3G connection has been noted by most curious internet junkies on its network within Nairobi area i.e. presence of WCDMA/UMTS signal.

The main significance of Airtel launching 3G internet connection in Kenya will be affordable data bundles at a reasonably higher connection speed to Airtel subscribers; it is anticipated that Airtel will maintain or reduce current internet browsing charges which will intern deprive Safaricom of its dominance in the data sector especially mobile data. Mobile service providers in Kenya have engaged in a very stiff competition that resulted in cutting of voice call charges with Airtel implementing the lowest tariff ‘feelanga free’ on which subscribers are only charged Ksh.1 per minute within its network.

The most recent war among mobile service providers in Kenya came after the launching of mobile number portability service in Kenya which allows subscribers to move to any network of their choice without changing their current pone numbers. Airtel and Safaricom have ever since blamed each other for frustrating the portability process by delaying the entire process resulting in timeouts; Safaricom has ever since moved to court accusing Airtel and Porting access of unfair play.

Orange Telkom Kenya is also expected to rollout 3G services by the end of the year making the total number of mobile subscribers on 3G network to be 3. Bharti Airtel’s strategy to be the cheapest service provider in Kenya both on data and voice calls will enormously hurt Safaricom’s ambitions with effects starting to show up like the recent reduction of Safaricom’s profits by 13%. While Safaricom may be on 3G network, their rates are relatively higher therefore Airtel will stand a better chance to become a major player in mobile data provision.

If you have a Safaricom modem and you wish to enjoy Airtel’s cheap rates on 3G network, don’t worry just unlock your modem using the IMEI number and change the modems APN to match Airtel’s settings and be ready to experience best internet connection speed at extremely lower rates.

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They are yet to officially launch 3G but if you have a 3G modem such as unlocked Safaricom modem, you will realise a WCDMA signal once you insert your Airtel simcard and configure APN to In Nairobi.

i've tried the but its not working

Airtel Kenya is being worst day by day in providing services. From last three days i'm not able to use my blackberry services and when i call customer care guys they just says that its will be normal very soon.

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