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Comparison of Satellite Dish TV Network and Cable TV

There are several advantages that come with both satellite and cable TV networks depending on your requirements; however, it is better to understand which platform between the two outperforms the other. First of all, both Satellite TV network and Cable TV networks are widely used around the world.

Satellite TV Networks

In Kenya for instance, the most popular platform between the two is satellite TV network; a major provider in Kenya is Dstv. Satellite TV has its advantages which includes the ability to be used in places where there are no fiber optics due to its versatility nature. Satellite TV network is hardly affected by geographical features such as mountains hence they can be used in remote locations such as deserts, mountains and even in water bodies.

Satellite TV installation equipments include;
          i.            Decoder
        ii.            Satellite Dish
      iii.            A television set
      iv.            Connection cables

Another feature on satellite TV is the ability to record your favorite programs using a digitally based video recorder for later viewing. You can record your favorite programs on DVD for home use. The available storage volume is enough to record programs that last longer hours such as movies for later viewing at your convenience.

The most commonly used satellite TV subscription plan is a one month subscription with various options depending on the number of channels you want to receive during the subscription period. This plan normally includes free installation service and time contracts.

Cable TV networks

Cable TV networks operate differently from their counterpart Satellite networks; in most cases, unlike in satellite networks, cable TV providers have the satellite dishes located at their offices for receiving TV programs. After receiving TV programming, cable providers package the channels and sell to viewers depending on their likes and interests.

Cable TV installation equipments include;
  1. Fiber optic cables
  2. Receiving box
  3. A television set

Cable TV providers offer both analog and digital TV signals. Cable TV networks in Kenya is not very popular, however with the introduction of fiber cable, it is presumed that these networks will be introduced in the Kenyan market.Digital signals are considered the best for the following reasons;
    • Sharper TV Images
    • Noise free

Other services that come alongside cable TV networks include;
  • High Definition TV programming
  • 3D viewing

Cable TV Subscription costs depends on station packages; they put more emphasis on the number of channels you receive rather than the type of channels.

In both satellite and cable TV networks, connections can be established in ore than one room with a single subscription. Depending on the above factors, I hope you will be able to determine which network best suits your needs.

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