Sunday, May 15, 2011

Connect your Nokia Handset to Dstv Mobile Using the Nokia SU-33W Mobile TV Receiver

Is your Nokia handset not DVB-H enabled? Well don’t worry because Nokia has introduced ‘Nokia SU-33W Mobile TV receiver’ so that you can get live television broadcast directly on your handset. Mobile television is gaining much popularity due to the portability nature of mobile phones; Dstv mobile is now available in various cities across African countries and all you need is a DVB-H enabled handset to enjoy live television broadcast from Dstv on your handset.

 To connect Dstv mobile service on your Nokia handset using the Nokia SU-33W Mobile TV receiver, you must ensure that your mobile phone is compatible with Nokia SU-33W dongle. The Nokia SU-33W mobile TV receiver will ensure that you are always tuned to your favorite Dstv channels at any location that has DVB-H mobile TV coverage.

Uses of Nokia SU-33W Mobile TV receiver dongle

1.      Nokia SU-33W mobile TV receiver dongle can be used to access live television broadcasting channels on your mobile phone via Bluetooth.
2.      It can be used to have instant access to DVB-H mobile television such as Dstv mobile and watch your favorite Dstv programs and channels on the go.
3.      Nokia SU-33W mobile TV receiver dongle has an in built antenna that ensures good reception of Dstv mobile channels.

The Nokia SU-33W Mobile TV Receiver dongle features/specifications;

    ·        It measures 92.4mm x 45mm x 9.8 mm and weighs only 14gramms plus battery
    ·        V2.0 Bluetooth enabled with EDR
    ·        Enhanced with DVB-H streaming protocol
    ·        Has an estimated operating time of up to 12hours before recharging

    ·        Consists of the following led indicators;
                                          i.            White/yellow: displays the DVB-H reception status
                                        ii.            Red/Green: indicates the battery and power status  
                   iii.     Blue: indicates the status of Bluetooth connection

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