Monday, May 2, 2011

How to Access and View Smart TV Channels

To access Smart TV bouquet channels, you need to connect your decoder to the Television and ensure that both are powered and switched on. Smart TV channels can only be available in places with a Digital Terrestrial transmitter nearby with a Smart TV service available. In Africa, Smart TV service is currently available in Kenya, Ghana and Uganda.

 If you are using a composite video (RCA) cable to establish a connection between the decoder and TV, you will notice a picture reception from the decoder on a special TV channel such as AV1, AV2, E, EXT, AUX or channel 0.

In order to locate the picture reception on your TV’s special channels from the Smart TV decoder, look for a language selection menu view from any of the special TV channels; it depends with your Television model. Refer to your user manual for more details.

Basic Smart TV settings

·        After you have connected all necessary cables to the Television set and decoder, you will notice a menu picture from which you will perform the initial installation.  
·        From the initial installation, you will be able to choose basic settings such as language and antenna setup. You will have an option to go back and forward if you need to review and, or change your settings.
·        You can use the arrow buttons from your remote control to choose and modify menu entries.
·        Press OK to confirm your desired settings 

Smart TV subscription and Topping up your account
·        Follow the Top UP instructions on your Smart TV voucher
·        Current Smart TV subscription price in Kenya is Kshs.990

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