Sunday, May 1, 2011

How to install Smart TV on your Television set

Unlike other pay TV providers which require a satellite dish, the Digital Terrestrial platform used by Smart TV does not require a dish to get broadcast signals from Television Channels. Terrestrial Digital Broadcasting will only require a customer to be within its spectrum to get a clear digital signal of their favorite channels.

 Smart TV Installation equipments;

                     i.            A digital receiver/Decoder
                   ii.            Remote control unit plus two AAA batteries 1.5V each
                  iii.            A Yellow, Red and White RCA cable
                 iv.            A Power cable connector and AC adaptor with British Standard power plug
                   v.            User Manual

How to connect the Smart TV decoder to Aerial
        i.            Connect a UHF aerial cable to the RF IN port located at the back of the SMART TV decoder.
      ii.            Place the UHF antenna as high as possible to get the best signal reception and direct it towards a digital TV transmitter. In Kenya, currently only Nairobi has a Smart TV transmitter
      iii.            You will have an option to display a reception signal meter to aid in determining the best antenna location with the best signal strength. Refer to user manual for detailed information.

How to connect the Smart TV decoder to your Television set;
         i.            Connecting with RCA cable
·        From the back of your Smart TV decoder, use the red, yellow and white RCA ports to connect Audio Left (white) and Right (Red) and Video (Yellow).
·        Connect the RCA cables to the matching input color ports on your TV

       ii.            Connecting with SCART cable
·        Connect one end of SCART cable to TV SCART connector on the back of receiver.
·        Connect another end of SCART cable to SCART connector on your TV set.

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