Sunday, May 8, 2011

How to pay for your Dstv Subscription in Kenya

Dstv is currently the most popular satellite pay TV provider in Kenya; it is owned by Multichoice with part of it in Kenya being owned by the state broadcaster KBC. There are more than three Dstv subscription plans to choose from depending on your requirements and how much you want to spent. Competition from other pay TV service providers such as Smart TV have forced Dstv to drastically reduce their pricing in an effort to retain their customers.

 Dstv available Subscription Plans;
·        Dstv premium
·        Dstv compact
·        Dstv access
·        Dstv mobile
·        Dstv compact plus

How to pay for Dstv subscription using Mpesa
  • On your MPESA menu, select PAY BILL
  • Enter the Dstv Mpesa business/pay bill number 444900
  • Enter your Dstv ACCOUNT NUMBER
  • Enter the amount you want to pay for subscription.
  • Enter the MPESA secrete pin that you use
  • Confirm the transaction and wait for a confirmation message from MPESA
  • Your Dstv account will be updated
  • Note that you must be on Safaricom network and have an Mpesa account.

How to pay for Dstv Subscription using Equity bank
  • Visit any Equity branch countrywide and make the payment over the counter
  • You will be issued with a copy of the payment slip
  • Your Dstv account will be updated
·        Note that anybody can use this option even if you don’t have an account with Equity bank. . (your Dstv decoder must be ON)
How to pay for Dstv subscription using Zap/Airtel money
·        On you phone’s menu, select Zap/Airtel money and choose money option
·        Select To Nickname and enter Dstv, then enter amount and confirm the transaction.
·        Enter your Zap password
·        On reference option, enter your full Dstv account number. (your Dstv decoder must be ON)

Other Dstv subscription payment methods include;
·        Standard chartered bank through ATM (you must be a standard chartered bank customer)
·        Cheque drop boxes at Nakumatt Karen
·        Payment via credit card standing order; credit cards accepted are Mastercard and Visa, currency is Kshs and US dollar.
·        Pay via Posta pay
·        Direct debit payment
·        Payment at T-mall

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I think you can also pay using Orange Money ( Not sure how, maybe you can find out and let us know. Thanks

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how can you ask for balance in your dstv account?

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