Saturday, May 28, 2011

Safaricom Laptops; Dell Inspiron 1545 Notebook

Dell has been on the frontline in production of innovative feature rich notebooks which are currently used world wide. Apart from laptops, Dell has manufactured best computer peripherals and accessories such as display monitors of which have never been matched by other competitors. Dell Inspiron 1545 notebook has surprised many consumers with its enormous performance power and does not cost as much. Personally, I love Dell cathode ray tube display monitors for their unmatched image resolution and clarity; in fact, most computer users with Dell CRT monitor usually convert their monitors to television sets due to their fabulous clarity.

Safaricom has stocked one of the most appreciated Dell Inspiron 1545 notebook at its stores in Kenya. I can honestly say that Dell Inspiron 1545 notebook has a lot to offer and its retail price at Safaricom outlets in Kenya is more convincing. The true power of a notebook does not rest in its design but its specifications; Dell Inspiron 1545 notebook has all that it takes to b termed as a powerful machine. Ranging from a dual core processor to the high definition display screen, Dell Inspiron 1545 notebook has a lot to offer.

Dell Inspiron 1545 notebook features/specifications; 

  • 2.2GHz intel dual core processor. The processor power ensures efficiency while loading complex multimedia applications such as video games.
  • 2GB RAM. No one can dispute the power of a 2GB RAM, Dell Inspiron 1545 notebook has enough ram to multitask
  • 320GB Hard Drive. Enjoy enormous storage capacity on the Dell Inspiron 1545 notebook, enough to store all necessary user content.
  • WiFi enabled. Connect to the internet using Dell Inspiron 1545 notebook wirelessly using WiFi technology at points where such signals exist.
  • Bluetooth enabled. Connect and share files with other Bluetooth enabled devices wirelessly.
  • Webcam, intel graphics media accelerator, 45MHD
  • 15.6inch display screen
  • 6cell battery

Dell Inspiron 1545 notebook Safaricom offer;
  • Price in Kenya at Safaricom retail shops: Kshs.49,999
  • Free Safaricom modem
  • Free 40MB worth of Safaricom data bundle
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Home Basic

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