Saturday, May 7, 2011

Smart TV Kenya Pricing/subscription charges

Smart TV is slowly gaining momentum in offering digital terrestrial TV broadcasting services in Kenya. The most significant impact that Smart TV has brought to Kenyans is its subscription pricing; in fact competitors like Dstv have been forced to reduce their charges to stay in the now becoming competitive market.

In order to receive Smart TV broadcasting on your television set, you need to acquire a decoder and pay the subscription fees to have access to the digital high definition terrestrial broadcasting.

Smart TV Kenya Pricing/subscription charges;

  • Smart TV Decoder price in Kenya Kshs.5,000
  • Smart TV Kenya monthly subscription charges: Kshs.990
  • Decoder plus one month subscription: Kshs.5,990
  • 3 months subscription Top up: Kshs.2,500

  • Smart TV payment methods include;
    1. Cash
    2. Mpesa

How to pay for Smart TV using Mpesa;
  1. From the MPESA menu on your Safaricom mobile phone, select PAY BILL
  2. Enter the Smart TV Kenya Mpesa business/pay bill number 498498
  3. Enter your Smart TV ACCOUNT NUMBER
  4. Enter the subscription amount.
  5. Enter your MPESA secrete pin
  6. Confirm the transaction and wait for a confirmation message from MPESA

    • Pay for Smart TV subscription at the comfort of your house using Mpesa service.

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how do i find your offices.
I am based in Nairobi kenya and wish to try your services.

smart tv offices are located at kaparo house upper hill after NHIF.

when do we expect channels like ctzn,ktn ntv e.t.c to be available in smart to make it more entertaing? how soon?

as soon the court case filed by kenya media owners against smart tv and signet (kbc), local tv channels such as citizen, ktn and ntv will be available free of charge (no subscription needed)

hi smart tv? ua dil sounds smart. Do you hv offices in Thika?

Hi do you have an offer at the moment.

I have seen some stickers in matatus concerning the smart tv.I need to know what is it all about and also how i can get in touch with you-telephone number.

is smart TV available in Naivasha.

Smart tv is currently available only in Nairobi.Smart tv is currently available only in Nairobi.

When is the court case expected to conclude?

You need to add EPG (electronic program guide) on your tv shows.

its very boring not knowing what's coming next, even what ur watching!!

HI when are you guyz scaling up to kisumu? cant wait any more

no citizen no ntv no kpl few epl highlights reduce monthly charges

Smart TV sucks it might look cheap but its really expensive 10 chs for 1k is robbery compared to others like zuku and dstv
As for their service -verry verry poor (no EPG,sound is fucked up,low memory decoder $ no customer service)
there is no way of enjoying digital tv without EPG and quality sound.
i hav had enuff nahama to zuku
ill add a zuku decoder to my dstv decoder.

Is it true that the smart-tv works within 100km from nbi? Can it work in machakos less than 70kms from the city?

hi, what channels do you have in smart tv currently and from which country?
please give me a line up.

smart tv are just showing old programmes eg 24

Do u want a new smart tv decoder? Just sh4000 (save 1k) and free delivery will be made. Call 0712495789

why is it that the channels are always scratched and are not clear.... and why are you still showing old telenovelas....

do you have offices in mombasa and what are you tel: contacts?

nunua decoder yangu ya smart tv(complete good as new) at sh2500 and enjoy local channels in digital clarity. no jokes just call 0712495789 and say where you are in nairobi CBD, nitakuletea.

Dear smart tv what r u gonna do? U know u dont hav a future, so whats nxt? My problem is finding an ignorant fool to sell my decoda to coz i need 2 buy a gotv STB. Wow it has everything smart tv aint got.

can smart tv work about 80kms from Nairobi?

can smart tv work for about 80kms from machakos?

yes it should coz in places like Macha is where smart tv should be broadcasting not Nairobi. Nai kuna watu wajanja jo.

smart tv sucks forget about them, its atotal rip off. 5 smart tv channels for 1k!!!!!!smart tv your future is really dim

Dear smart TV PLIZ Guys Do something . Channels are not clear No CITIZEN NO NTV Then What are we.

Smart TV you are giving me a raw deal. It is not worth it. Shape up or shape out! Customer care not receiving calls. I am not getting the channels. What is wrong?

i am your customer but i have not seen any football sport on my tv since i bought although kbc reception is perfect what is the problem

can i get the smart card alone and from where?

Hi. I wish to bring to your attention the fact that KISS TV & BBC do not have sound at my place. I live in Umoja and I would love to listen to this two channels. Otherwise the other ones are just great..but why give us a Chinese channel..we don't understand anything..why not try fox instead? Thanks.

well, they've closed shop at last!

and what do we do with the decoders


go to hell you smart tv ni fake better dstv.alot fake companies in kenya beware customers.

Poor us. We keep getting taken for ride after ride. First G TV, now Smart TV, who is next?

Tunaomba serikali...

am in kitale how long can we receive your signal. we realyyy need it. thanka for being smart

my smart tv has not been showing anything for sometime now the last time it had alot of scratches and it went dead its almost a month now.

is true that your signal in nakuru is not strong some times it goes pff

cant believe how fake you all smart pple has been a total disapointment ....nkt nkt.

What happens when you buy Internet bundles of 1000/= of 4GB and when orange changes hands to Tekom I don't know what you loss everything you call customer care services and you are told through the Automated system that all the agents are busy for three good hours. Please I need your help. I'm stack

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