Saturday, June 25, 2011

Samsung 128GB Solid State Drive-470 Series MZ-5PA128

External hard drives solved major drawbacks linked to other external storage media such as flash disks, memory cards and traditional diskettes; it is obvious that none of these storage devices have a storage capacity comparable to external hard drives. Samsung has released one of the considered state of the art hard drive featuring an exceptional metal casing design built to perfection for best performance results.

The Samsung Solid State MZ-5PA128 Drive-470 has an exceptional solid performance in terms of speed coupled with a distinctive brushed metal design ensuring durability as well as reliability. Information stored on this drives is therefore reliable and can be retrieved extremely faster compared to other standard drives.

Series MZ-5PA128 solid state external hard drives have minimal power consumption rates thereby tremendously increasing your laptops general battery life. These drives are ideal for multitasking and gaming considering their enormous performance speed. Reliable fast performance speed ensures accomplishment of more tasks while wasting minimal time; Samsung Solid State MZ-5PA128 Drive470 can access data stored on the drive at extremely fast speed compared to other standard external hard drives.

  • Samsung Solid State MZ-5PAL128 Drive-470 has an estimated response time of up to 250MB/s which is currently the leading performance time in the industry. Fast performance time ensures that data is available immediately by significantly improving boot time of your computer and time taken to load applications.
  • It is designed with a sturdy brushed metal hard shell case which protects it from shock, dust and corrosion. The metal casing coupled with lack of moving parts inside Samsung Solid State MZ-5PAL128 Drive-470 significantly increases their lifespan.
  • Power consumption is further boosted by the fact that Samsung Solid State MZ-5PAL128 Drive-470 lack moving parts; battery of your laptop is therefore not greatly affected.
  • 128GB storage capacity which can not be matched by other eternal storage media such as flash disks and memory cards.
  • Samsung Solid State MZ-5PAL128 Drive-470 utilizes serial ATA technology to ensure faster performance speed.  
Samsung 128GB Solid State Drive-470 Series MZ-5PA128 PRICE IN KENYA: Kshs.20720.
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