Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Samsung SP-H03 Ultra-Portable LED Projector

A reasonably priced Samsung SP-H03 Ultra Portable Led projector is one of the best portables in the industry and works perfect for smaller projections in dim lit rooms. Its diminutive weight and size favors traveling and exceeds by far similar devices on the market. Many would argue that at 30 lumens Samsung SP-H03 projector does not offer the highest brightness in the industry; however, consider its reasonably low price, Samsung SP-H03 projector is worth the price tag.

The longer lifespan of Le bulb which is estimated to be between 20,000 and 60,000 hours gives Samsung SP-H03 projector an edge over standard projectors which realizes half the original brightness within a shorter period. The most amazing aspect of this projector is its ability to support Micro HCSD (High Capacity Secure Digital) memory card of up to 16GB coupled with on board 1GB storage capacity.

Samsung SP-H03 Ultra-Portable LED Projector Features/Specifications;

  • Multimedia device. Presence of different connections to aid attaching and synchronizing other devices makes it possible to enjoy great presentations and multimedia from Samsung SP-H03 projector. Various input methods such as USB ports, PC port and composite port can be used to connect different compatible gadgets such as Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.
  • Document viewer with mini USB port. In order to have dynamic presentations, Samsung SP-H03 projector has a document viewer capable of presenting PDF, Photos audio and video in the absence of a computer.
  • Battery powered and expandable. To avoid effects of power outages, Samsung SP-H03 Led projector makes it possible to share videos, photos and presentations. It supports up to 30ANSI lumens to present crisp and clear images on large screens.
  • Led and DLP technology. Advanced Led DLP technology enhances image clarity and the lifespan of Samsung SP-H03 Led projector.
  • Memory. With onboard 1GB memory capacity, Samsung SP-H03 ultra portable Led projector supports external memory via Micro HCSD (High Capacity Secure Digital) memory card of up to 16GB
  • Display. 854x480 pixel resolution with a minimum 9inch and maximum of 80inch image size makes Samsung SP-H03 projector among best in the industry.
  • Input. 1 component input.
Samsung SP-H03 Ultra-Portable LED Projector Price in Kenya: Kshs.23,920.
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