Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Zuku Pay TV Bouquet Channels (African Basic Package)

Over the past few months, Zuku Pay TV service provider in Kenya has developed into a major force to reckon despite Dstv’s dominance in the market segment. Unlike Smart TV which has been crippled by court cases and under developed terrestrial broadcasting platform, Zuku pay TV service seems to enjoy consumer’s confidence with various world class channels available on their Bouquet menu at an astonishingly affordable monthly subscriptions. Smart TV has very few channels compared to Dstv and Zuku but they all seem to have a standard basic package subscription price ranging from Kshs700 to Kshs.1000; Zuku and Dstv have additional packages with more channels for a higher price whereas Smart TV has only one.

Zuku Pay TV General Entertainment channels on African Basic Package
Channels include those that have no specified genre
  • Zuku Zone
  • Zuku Africa
  • KBC: Kenya’s state owned broadcaster offering both news and entertainment programs.
  • Citizen TV: Free to Air channel majoring in soaps and news with other entertainment programs.
  •  KTN: Kenyan television channel leading in production of unbiased news reporting and entertainment programs
  • K24. A dedicated 24 hour news reporting channel in Kenya.
  • FOX ENT.
Zuku Pay TV Religious channels on African Basic Package
  • EWTN
  • FAMILY TV: A dedicated Christian channel
  • GOD TV: Christian channel
Zuku Pay TV Sports channels on African Basic Package
  • Footschool
  • Esport News
  • Sentanta Africa
Zuku Pay TV Movie channels on African Basic Package
  • MGM Channel
  • Hinolly Channel: Airs African movies
Zuku Pay TV Documentary channels on African Basic Package
  • Zuku Life
  • VS History
  • VS Nature
Zuku Pay TV Lifestyle channels on African Basic Package
  • Fashion One
  • FLN
Zuku Pay TV News channels on African Basic Package
  • Algazeera English
  • Bloomberg
  • Press Tv
Zuku Pay TV Music channels on African Basic Package
  • Magic TV
  • Kiss TV
  • Smash Hits
  • QTV
Zuku Pay TV Kids channels on African Basic Package
  • Bebe TV
  • Jim Jam
  • Baby TV
Zuku Pay TV Hindi channels on African Basic Package
  • Zoom TV
African Basic Package (36 Channels) Price: Kshs.999

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as a dstv subscriber, i still think there is no match from any other tv services out there. zuku has nothing to match dstv's compact and higher packages because of lack of sports variety, football and general entertainment(kids,movies and comedy). at the same price range of about $20 zuku is only close to dstv's family offering fox ent , fx and nickelodeon. As for smart tv i really think they should close shop period-they used some "EPL" matches to fool people and sell.Their service is very poor and hence expensive. i have owned a smart-tv STB for 2months and i think i have paid subscription for the last time, this decoder will be maridadi for now.

so i think dstv wins here and no one needs to have a second dish installed in their home esp at these hard economic times so zuku you loose.

zuku are going to give DSTV a run for their money. In a few months that they have been operation on satellite platform and with very little advertisement they have managed to make a visible mark in the industry. Give them another one year and they might as well win premier league broadcasting rights for East and Central Africa, watch this space!

anonymous u arent sure of wat u toking about esp wen u tok of zuku tv

Unless zuku tv offers free local channels, we are gonna stick to dstv. Wake up zuku.

Zuku nice but delay to pay fee not even local channels you would watch. if they rectify this, then in a better position to come up faster

Zuku has to offer free to air local channels or the mass exodus from DSTv will come to an abrupt end.

But why should I purchase Zuku when they dont even have NTV in their list. NTV of all the channels in Kenya cannot stay away from my eyes!

All free to air channels are there on zuku except GBS

zuku nice,but delay in payment not even local channel will watch.INSTALL GBS,And all free on air should be free in zuku to win the market.

Good start Zuku, but you still have alot of work to do. We need value for money,more channels that are actually fun to watch,better user interface,movie channels that stay on all night long and better sports coverage...otherwise whats the point of leaving DSTV????

this pple have got nothing at all...well if u see some' then fine..do u think this STB will be in the house a mere shit if it cant have even one local TV for free jst to watch when not paid incase of one bn hold up i.e "pocket enemy days"...thiss bullshit...u gotta do smthing about tht!

Am selling my zuku dish and decoder still new for 5500 ksh....my number is 070087477 Stev .

Wanted to move to zuku but from what am reading, sorry, i'd rather stick to my dstv.

When subscription ends ZUKU switches you off as though you are a criminal.Your TV goes blank;except for a useless advertising channels.Not even a single home channel for news.No sports.Just MGM's 'traditional' mexican movies,lots of useless music channels;funny radio channels which aren't even Kenyan(xcept Easy and Qfm).I am considering selling it off at a throw-away price to buy Astrovox with free channels.Did someone say DSTV retains some home channels if you haven't paid your subscription?

Let zuku mek local channels free and we pay for others in tht it will enjoy large market dominance thnx zuku coz in garisa ntv ,ktn,k24,citizen hazijaa fikia garissa lakini wit zuku we are watching thnx but rectify the former i mean free airin of local channels

I would like zuku to improve on their movies coz they repeat all of them also add cartoon network

Really zuku stinks, my Nickelodeon doesnt even work, the kid's channels are all just for two year old's, improve your services Zuku

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