Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Orange Kenya’s Mpedigree to Fight Counterfeit Drugs

Kenya’s efforts to get rid of counterfeit drugs out of the local market received a major boost after the countries third largest mobile service provider introduced ‘Mpedigree’; an SMS based system designed to identify fake drugs. Orange Kenya intents to run an aggressive SMS based campaign in partnership with the Medical services Ministry through Mpedigree in Kenya and Cameroon where alarming estimates of 30 percent drugs are counterfeit. Counterfeit drugs in most African countries have proved to be a major thorn in their efforts to combat deadly ailments such as HIV, TB and Malaria; only recently, Kenya woke to some shocking news indicating presence of both HIV and Malaria counterfeit drugs in the country. Mpedigree is expected to help identify and confiscate fake drugs which will save lives and continue the government’s plans to contain diseases such as TB and Malaria.

Mpedigree system is expected to be rolled out across Kenya in different health centers; the system will utilize each drug’s serial number by comparing it with genuine serial numbers, any deviation will automatically question the drug’s authenticity. The serial numbers will be scanned before any drug is prescribed to patients eliminating fears of counterfeit drugs. During the launch, Kenya’s medical services minister Prof. Anyang Nyongo indicated that they had to be vigilant in fighting the manufacturing of fake drugs by eliminating those companies. On the other hand, Orange Kenya’s CEO Mickael Ghossein affirmed the provider’s commitment in helping eradicate fake drugs in the country; in addition, he indicated that Orange’s launch of Mpedigree was an effort to ensure the service provider remained number one solution provider of e-solutions designed to respond to market needs while offering great convenience to its customers.

Although the introduction of Mpedigree into Orange’s operations in the continent was announced sometimes earlier this year, it comes 2 months after the Kenyan government announced its version of e-health strategy. Orange Kenya is keen to utilize its 21Mbps fast 3G internet connection platform alongside other partners in establishing potential ICT solutions that will be beneficial to its customers; in this case, Mpedigree will enhance the government’s efforts in rendering quality medical care as stipulated in the new constitution. In addition, Orange has partnered with known industry players such as Qualcomm in a project named ‘wireless reach’ engaged in the automation of the procurement of anti-retroviral drugs at public clinics.

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What date was this posted? This could be a very useful initiative – I think the technology was developed in Ghana

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