Wednesday, August 7, 2013

LinkedIn joins the list of “must-have” Asha apps

LinkedIn is a vital tool for millions of professionals across the globe. The world’s largest professional network on the Internet offers easy ways to connect with old and new business contacts, keep up to date with trends in your industry, research and prepare for meetings and expand your professional network.
LinkedIn is now available as an app for the full-touch range of Nokia Asha devices*, including the new Nokia Asha 501, making it even easier to stay in touch with colleagues.
It brings the most popular features of LinkedIn to a custom built app for Asha touch devices with four main features:

Update Stream: Keep up to date with your network and access information about your industry. You can like, comment and share updates to stay in the loop with what’s going on.
Inbox: Accept connection requests and communicate with your contacts.
Search: Search through the global network of over 225 million LinkedIn members. There’s also a People You May Know feature, which suggests professionals you may know and want to connect with, based on your current contacts.
Profile: Check out your own profile, and see who’s been viewing you. You can reach out to them with a message or an invitation to connect.
LinkedIn believes the app is a great way to reach new and existing members in emerging markets, by offering a feature-rich experience on devices that are readily available and affordable in many markets. The app is available free of charge for download from the Nokia Store.
LinkedIn joins the growing list of apps now available for the Asha range through Nokia Store. Other “must-have” apps include great communication, entertainment and productivity apps. Some of our favourites are highlighted below.
Communication: LINE is an up and coming communication app that allows you to express yourself using unique and fun stickers and messages. It’s enjoyed by more than 190 million users worldwide, in over 230 countries and it is the number one free app for download in 50 countries.
WeChat enhances user social interaction by supporting exchanges of text, voice, emoticons and photos with friends. WeChat for Nokia Asha touch smartphones* comes with its signature “Hold-to-Talk” feature which allows users to send voice messages. Users can also chat with a maximum of 40 friends online through WeChat’s group chat feature.
Entertainment: Get ready to take to the streets with High Speed 3D,a true street racing experience on your phone. With 20 tracks to race, 9 cars to choose from and a whole host of customization options, there’s plenty here for the petrol-head to tinker with. Real driving physics, insane drifts, nitrous boosts and some of the most visually stunning locations to drive around, High Speed 3D has it all.
Gold Rush is another interesting high speed action game. Addictive gameplay and graphics will keep you coming back to the game!
Twist Music Life is an application to sync our body movement with music. Pick a musical instrument of your choice and start waving your hand to create a musical orchestra. Create your own melody, share with friends & use it to delight your soul!
Productivity: Mail for Exchange is an app that syncs your email, calendar and contacts data with Microsoft® Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010 Servers and Microsoft® Office 365 Mobility Online Service. It makes your Nokia Asha ready for business and enables you to take your office wherever you go, enhancing your overall mobile experience for work.
To enhance the overall productivity experience, Editori text and sheet have also been introduced to the Nokia store. You can view and edit Word and Excel documents on the go, right from your Asha phone.
*Asha 305, 306, 308, 309, 310 & 311
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