Tuesday, December 24, 2013

KTN, NTV, CITIZEN alongside affiliated TV Stations Goes Off-Air Following Dismissal of their Petition

After a high court judge ruled against a petition filed by Media owners association, top three broadcasters in Kenya went off-air leaving Kenyan’s with a message indicating the same. The petition which sort to have the period for digital migration in Nairobi extended for another five years was not granted by Judge David Majanja saying all the concerned parties were involved in the entire process and he had no reason to stall it. Among other arguments, the media owners had sort for a directive from the Judge on violations of intellectual properties as a result of Gotv rebroadcasting their content. In a surprise move, it was argued that even Startimes was insolvent and therefore not reliable. Justice David Majanja dismissed the allegations altogether saying they were unsubstantiated.

KTN, NTV, CITIZEN and QTV all ran a similar message indicating they were left with no choice but to go off-air following the ruling. Kenyans especially ladies will be greatly affected since most are hooked on soap operas and other shows that are aired on the stations. A move by Paul Muite who was representing Media Owners Association to have the process halted for at least 30 more days was unsuccessful leaving no huddle for the government to go ahead and shut down the analogue signal in Nairobi. A shift from Analogue to digital transmission was going to coast broadcasters advertising revenue as well as investments necessary for full compliance according to the Media Owners Association.

Kenyans have received the news with mixed reactions some going as far as blaming the Jubilee government while other wanted local broadcasters to embrace technology and that they were ready to migrate. The local stations have ever since been removed from the Startimes Bouquet and it’s not clear when they’ll resume on-air.

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