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Unlocked Broadband Modem APN Settings

Do you have an unlocked broadband modem? If yes, then you have once desired to enjoy cheap and efficient internet browsing on your computer. Top telecommunications companies in Kenya namely Safaricom, Airtel, Orange and Yu have different APN settings used on their modems.

You may therefore have an unlocked modem, but that won’t guarantee instant access to internet using any network; you must configure your modem’s APN to your preferred network for internet access.

Most service providers in Kenya retail broadband modems with their default configuration settings, however if you unlock the broadband modem to accept sim cards of other networks, changing the APN configuration will enable access to the internet using a different network.

Here is a list of APN configurations for Top telecommunications service providers in the country.
  • Safaricom APN: Safaricom
  • Safaricom Access number: *99#  
  • Airtel APN:
  • Airtel Access number: *99# 
  • Orange APN:
  • Orange Access number: *99***1# 
  • Yu APN: Internet 
  • Yu Access number: *99# 

Here is the process of configuring broadband modem’s APN
  1. On the control panel (user interface), go to TOOLS
  2. Then select OPTIONS
  3. Select profile management
  4. Enter service provider name i.e. Airtel as a profile name
  5. Click static 
  6. Select APN
  7. Enter the APN of your preferred provider i.e. for Airtel
  8. Enter the correct access number i.e. *99# for Airtel 

Enjoy internet access using your new provider

NOTE: Safaricom, Airtel, Orange and Yu operate on GSM network, Telkom sim cards and modems are CDMA hence not compatible with GSM.

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Thanks so much for this.
What of the passwords?

there is no password and username

Pls hw can l unlock my zte airtel broadband modem

it tells me error 619 connection to remote computer cant established for orange

Open the modem program e.g. Safaricom Broadband, Zain etc Click on Tools>options.>Profile Management..... New (on the top right)
Then enter these settings:

Profile Name: Safaricom - Click 'static'
APN: Safaricom
Access number: *99#
User name: saf
Pass: data
Click 'save'

Profile Name: Zain - Click 'static'
Access number: *99#
User name: leave it blank
Pass: leave it blank
Click 'save'

Profile name: YU click 'static'
APN: internet
Access number: *99#
User name: leave it blank
Pass: leave it blank
Click 'save'

Profile Name: Orange - Click 'static'
Access number: *99***1#
User name: leave it blank
Pass: leave it blank
Click 'save'

"Ok" "yes"
Under new connection:
Select the Profile with which you want to browse with on the drop-down list
before clicking "Connect". Choose according to the SIM card you have in the modem and enjoy border-less surfing!

its doesnt work for my modem its giving an error 628 when trying to use orange setting from huawei e160 modem

Getting an error 628 using safcom e160 modem,plz tl me hw to fix this

error 628 for orange. ay solution??

To all with Orange failure:-

Profile Name: Orange - Click 'static'
Access number: *99#
User name: orange
Pass: orange
Click 'save'and you must 'set this as default'

It should now work

Getting error 619 when using Unlocked Safcom Huawei E0682 modem. Nay ideas?

hi. orange is still not working after all the options. Wanted to know if its my modem (unlocked safcom e160). please help.

Orange only works on edge if you go to network and select GSM only

aa the above doesnt work for me still error 619

Thanks a bunch. It has worked for me after a long struggle

My ZTE MF190A Airtel Modem that I unlocked is slow when connecting with Orange simcard. What will i do so that i increase it speed? I have unlocked several and they worked much better! please Help and if there is any way that i can help you to please let me know am ready to help!
Email me @
Facebook @ Twinsdarlin

Those whose modems worked what settings did you use,kindly post your settings on the configuration:
Profile Name:
Access number:
User name:
Pass: orange
Network GSM or WCDMA preffered:

Mine keepps saying authnticating for long and then error 720 connection to remote computer could not be established

Once i have done all that and clicked on connect finally,it tells me i cant connect before i register an available network.What could be wrong.Am using an airtel line on safcom modem.

when it fails once, keep trying,,, it's just like when ur influencing a gal and she plays Hard to Get

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