Saturday, August 27, 2011

Timeout for Fake Mobile Phones in Kenya CCK Directs Service Providers

The Communications Commission of Kenya has embarked on an aggressive campaign seeking to get rid of counterfeit mobile phones from Kenya; the commission has taken a drastic measure asking mobile service providers to identify and switch of fake phones from their network. Apparently, there was meeting between the regulator and mobile service providers who engaged each other to deliberate on the best way to implement the decision considering close to three million subscribers who will be affected by this measure. Counterfeit mobile phones have found a safe heaven in Kenya and Africa at large over the past few years due to their affordable nature; getting rid of them will not only increase efficiency from service providers but also create a vibrant market for genuine devices.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Zuku Pay TV Bouquet Channels (African Basic Package)

Over the past few months, Zuku Pay TV service provider in Kenya has developed into a major force to reckon despite Dstv’s dominance in the market segment. Unlike Smart TV which has been crippled by court cases and under developed terrestrial broadcasting platform, Zuku pay TV service seems to enjoy consumer’s confidence with various world class channels available on their Bouquet menu at an astonishingly affordable monthly subscriptions. Smart TV has very few channels compared to Dstv and Zuku but they all seem to have a standard basic package subscription price ranging from Kshs700 to Kshs.1000; Zuku and Dstv have additional packages with more channels for a higher price whereas Smart TV has only one.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sony Introduces KDL-40EX710 LCD TV in Kenya

Looks like high definition TV wishers in Kenya will have anew product from Sony on the menu to consider. In an amazing twist, Sony has drastically reduced initial offer price on its 40inch EX710 LCD TV to just Kshs.99,995 in Kenya, a move expected to influence current market trend in its favor. The new KDL-40EX710 LCD TV is very ideal for home use considering its amazing brilliant colors in HD; in addition, it has a superb design which fits in any space without much effort. Samsung currently enjoys a significant market share on Smart TV’s in Kenya; however, the new Sony KDL-40EX710 will probably make them thing twice.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

HP Unveils HP 635 Laptop in Kenya

HP a leading computer manufacturer has released its latest HP 635 budget laptop in Kenya as an entry level computer. Despite HP 635 availability in three different configurations, the released Kenyan version runs on AMD Dual-core E350 1.6GHz processor. Looking at the recent computer market trend in Kenya, it would be correct to suggest an explosion in laptop demand over the past few years with users ranging from students to business owners. The new HP 635 laptop best suits light weight applications such as browsing internet and student activities.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Techno HD Mobile Phones Uncovered in Kenya

The mobile phone market in Kenya appears more lucrative than expected with major Chinese electronics giant companies investing heavily in the sector. If you live in Kenya, you must have seen several advertisements of Techno mobile phones either on TV, Posters or local Newspapers and Magazines; in this article, I intent to uncover some of techno mobile handsets revealing their features in comparison with major players such as Samsung and Nokia. Techno mobile phones are now retailing in major electronics stores in Kenya.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

AFC Leopards and Smart TV Launch Ingwe TV

Latest developments in the Kenyan premier league indicate birth of a new Television channel from AFC Leopards courtesy of Smart TV. The new television channel named Ingwe TV will be aired on Africa Sports Network found on Smart TV Kenya bouquet channels. It is obviously great news for AFC Leopards fans around the world who will have an opportunity to watch their favorite team play; Ingwe TV presents a more revolutionized step from a Kenyan football premier league team to indulge supporters in its football activities.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Huawei DC730 Analog to Digital Set Top Box

Huawei electronics has once again introduced a budget friendly device that will take your television entertainment to a whole new level. The new Huawei DC730 set top box gives your analog television set new abilities to receive and broadcast live digital signals from television stations. The world is moving towards an analog free era where all television channels will be aired on digital platform rendering current CRT analog television sets obsolete; however, set top boxes can be used to enable analog television sets receive digital signals.